Whisky Auctioneer Deploys Secure Remote Network Access for Its Entire Workforce

With the help of Perimeter 81’s scalable network access solution, Whisky Auctioneer has succeeded to provide quick and secure remote access to its entire workforce and their company devices.

The main reason we decided to go with Perimeter 81 was its ease of use and the support offered. Our business appreciates simplicity and Perimeter 81 complements that. Costs were reasonable and once we adopted Perimeter 81, the entire setup took less than 15 minutes.
Alex McClune
Director of IT at Whisky Auctioneer

The Company

Whisky Auctioneer specializes in auctioning whisky, whether it be fine, old, rare, collectible or affordable. They aim to be the trusted authority on buying and selling of whisky and spirits at auction. Through their passion for whisky and the industry, they connect the bottles they offer to their customers who share in this passion.

Headquartered in Perth, central Scotland, Whisky Auctioneer has 40 employees based in the United Kingdom, Germany.

Perth, UK
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Solution Highlights

Deploy secure gateways worldwide in under 10 minutes
Rapidly scale their network security in a matter of hours
Grow their account by almost 75%, instantly enabling secure remote access

The Challenge

Before the pandemic, secure network access wasn’t necessary for Whisky Auctioneer as it had only a handful of instances where workers would be working remotely. “As our business grew, and remote access was something that became more established, we recognized the importance of stepping up the infrastructure to secure the devices of our employees,” remarked Alex McClune, Whisky Auctioneer’s Director of IT.

As a company that deals with different employee devices, secure authorized access is important to Whisky Auctioneer. “We basically wanted to mitigate the risk of a compromised device. With Perimeter 81 this has been one of the key goals that we have achieved so far.”

When COVID-19 turned the world upside down, Whisky Auctioneer needed to implement a remote access strategy that would support the whole office. “With our remote workers, it became necessary for us to find a security solution that offered a cloud-based VPN service. The main requirement was essentially to lock down administrator access to our websites to a single IP address.”

Why Perimeter 81

While looking at different Enterprise VPN solutions, the specific need for a cloud-based solution brought them to Perimeter 81. “When looking at different solutions we decided to go for a cloud-based product that made ease of use and configuration a priority.”

Secure user access to applications and websites was also an important factor when deciding which solution to adopt. “With Perimeter 81 we are using the single sign-on (SSO) feature for applications and multi-factor authentication for websites.”

One of the key features that attracted Whisky Auctioneer to Perimeter 81’s solution is the simplicity of the Azure SSO feature. “Perimeter 81’s Azure SSO feature has simplified the login process and the integration to Azure Sentinel appealed to our security-minded colleagues. The customer support and documentation offered is very reassuring and important to how we can manage our infrastructures.” 

The results:

Quick and Easily Scalability

One of the key selling points for Whisky Auctioneer was that it would get a more scalable solution for security. “We were able to scale the Perimeter 81 solution company-wide in under one day. We then educated and trained the staff on how to use it and the process for logging into things.” Since adopting the Perimeter 81 solution, Whisky Auctioneer grew its account by almost 75% and added secure remote access connections which have helped their employees to continue working productively and securely.

Fast and Smooth Deployment

Quick network deployment is a key benefit that comes when adopting the Perimeter 81 solution. In Whisky Auctioneer’s case, they are extremely happy with deployment time. 

”It was so simple and straightforward. It took maybe 10 minutes, and we found the onboarding call with your Solution Architect very beneficial, and they were able to talk us through it very easily and quickly. The network deployment was so simple that even if I was to do it myself, it probably wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.”

Seamless DNS Security

One of the more recent features that Perimeter 81 customers can implement is DNS security. Whisky Auctioneer has been happy with Perimeter 81’s DNS security feature so far. “The DNS tool has been fairly flawless. DNS filtering has allowed us to whitelist, blacklist and limit user access where we needed it, providing peace of mind.”

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