SWG Web Filtering: Protect Your Organization From Web-Based Threats

With untold dangers lurking on the web, the Internet can be a really scary place. That’s why protecting organizations from potentially harmful sites is a top priority for IT managers worldwide.

Through the implementations of a Secure Web Gateway (SWG), companies can create web filtering rules that control user Internet access according to role-specific needs. From blocking malicious sites to enabling only the websites that employees need to do their jobs, web filtering gives you the control you need to secure your employees, corporate networks and devices from Internet risks.

Protect against web threats with Web Filter Rules

The chances of stumbling across dangerous sites is ever-increasing, as organizations experience more and more vulnerabilities on the web. According to a recent study at the University of Maryland, hackers attack Internet users an average of 2,244 times a day. Exposure to dangerous sites can lead to stolen information and serious data breaches.

Perimeter 81 Web Filtering provides a first line of defense against these potential web threats. Web filter rules limit employee access to specific URLs or entire previously-identified web categories such as phishing, malware, and illegal sites, ensuring that employees cannot accidentally expose the corporate network or devices to dangerous sites or malware. Web categories are dynamically updated in the platform as new sites appear each day, so your employees are protected from the rapidly changing web ecosystem. Blocking these malicious sites and allowing limited access to the Internet are key steps in protecting your organization and reducing the chances of web-based attacks.

Employee privacy is important, and that’s why our Web Filtering feature includes bypass rules that allow you to prevent filtering or tracking access to sensitive categories such as financial and health care sites. Bypass rules also streamline access for programs that do not require SSL inspection.

Web Filtering rules

Increase workspace productivity

From social media websites to online shopping, the Internet is full of distracting sites that decrease worker’s productivity. These distractions lead to inefficient work habits and poor time management, resulting in less productive work.

With Web Filtering, IT heads can manage access to entire categories of distracting sites, such as gaming and social media. Rules are user and role-specific, so that all employees can enjoy access to the specific sites they need to do their jobs. This type of content filtering lets your workers reap the benefits of the Internet, without all the noise.

Prevent Shadow IT

The use of unauthorized web applications by employees across the organization puts your corporate data in danger. Prevent shadow IT by blocking Internet access to these applications or by tracking their use as employees are warned against accessing them automatically.

Tracking web activity

A lack of website access visibility within your organization creates major blind spots when it comes to user and network security. By tracking which users are attempting to access unauthorized sites, you get the view you need of potential network vulnerabilities so that you can take immediate action. 

Download web activity reports to gather critical information for auditing and legal compliance.

Web Activity tracking

Browse with peace of mind

Allow your members to enjoy web access without putting your organization’s security at risk with Perimeter 81 Web Filtering as a key component of your Secure Web Gateway. Within minutes of implementation, you can reduce malware infections, increase workspace productivity and keep your company safe over the Internet with role-specific web access rules.