Introducing Quantum SASE 

Perimeter 81 has a new name, at least when you see us under the Check Point umbrella. We’re now the driving force behind Check Point’s new Secure Access Service Edge offering, Quantum SASE.  

The world has changed in the last few years, and the old way of securing a standard on-prem network, with its notions of inside and outside the perimeter, is no longer enough. It’s about time too. For years now, people have been using public cloud networks to host applications and data. In addition, they’ve added agility to their workflows with software as a service platforms like Salesforce and Office 365.  And yes, there are still many on-prem servers out there.  

Add to that the increasing trend of remote work and the need for high performance connections, and it’s clear legacy VPNs in a handful of locations can no longer serve a modern workforce. 

That’s what Quantum SASE is all about: a modern solution designed to protect hybrid work and access to cloud networks. A solution that acknowledges that while the cloud is now an essential tool requiring new security paradigms, there is still a need for on-prem networking and branch-level connectivity and security. 

What Is in Quantum SASE? 

Check Point’s Quantum SASE includes three primary pillars: Internet Access, Private Access and SD-WAN. 

Within this structure are all the features and solutions Perimeter 81 customers know and love including Zero Trust Network Access, Hybrid SWG, Firewall as a Service, and the Global Backbone Network.  

It also uses the same agent, the same cloud management dashboard, and the same fast deployment features of Perimeter 81.  

What Is Internet Access? 

No, we’re not your new ISP. We provide security for your remote workers whenever they visit the public internet. We make sure that malware doesn’t infiltrate your network by infecting an end user device, and we also put guardrails on web access to prevent employees from stumbling across a malicious site.  

But Internet Access isn’t just your run-of-the-mill secure web gateway. Our unique solution puts advanced SWG capabilities on the user device. This reduces the impact on network performance as much as possible, without negatively impacting device performance. The Check Point lab recently tested Internet Access against competing solutions and found it was 2x faster thanks to the hybrid approach. It also means users don’t lose their localization benefits by connecting to a proxy hundreds of miles away, and compliance and privacy issues are improved since SSL inspection happens right there on the device. 

Why Private Access? 

Zero Trust Network Access is a standard industry term and under Quantum SASE our solution is called Private Access. The name itself states its purpose: private, secure access to your resources whether they’re in the public cloud, a software-as-a-service platform, or on-premises servers.  

Every Private Access customer also receives private, IP addresses for their gateways that can be used for allowlisting to SaaS platforms, as well as cloud resources—though for the latter we highly recommend creating secure tunnels as it’s a more robust option. 

The Third Pillar 

Putting the SASE in Quantum SASE is an SD-WAN component from Check Point. Quantum SD-WAN is a software blade that runs on Check Point hardware. It can optimize routing for more than 10,000 business applications, and supports features such as subsecond failover, and real-time connectivity monitoring for jitter, latency, and packet loss. Plus, when you run the SD-WAN software blade alongside Check Point’s Quantum Secure Gateway software you get advanced security features such as digital loss prevention (DLP) and phishing prevention. 

Taking the Leap 

What can Perimeter 81 customers expect to see in terms of changes? As we integrate with Check Point, we might see some rebranding, and there will be more product news in the coming months.  

What won’t change, however, is our commitment to providing an easy-to-use solution that helps businesses around the world deploy a modern network security solution. It’s the ideal choice for companies that need to support a remote or hybrid workforce, as well as cloud-first companies that have minimal hardware needs.  

Even a mostly on-prem company can see massive benefits for their remote workers by jettisoning their legacy VPN for a high-performance connection through Quantum SASE’s cloud-based network with more than 50 points-of-presence worldwide, and zero trust access controls for enhanced security. 

Book a demo today to see the advantages of Perimeter 81 whether you’re interested in our original brand or want to facilitate greater integration with your existing Check Point security products.