Empowering Global Connectivity  

Perimeter 81 was acquired by Check Point in September 2023.

Network security isn’t just about protecting access to resources. It’s also about connecting users to the resources they need, worldwide. Whether it’s contractors in India connecting to AWS (Amazon Web Services) in Frankfurt, or employees in Milwaukee connecting to an on-prem server in New York, the ability to connect seamlessly from, and to anywhere, is essential.  

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we are broadening our global footprint with the addition of 19 strategic locations, including a pivotal Point of Presence (PoP) in Jakarta, Indonesia. This expansion underscores our commitment to offering comprehensive, secure, and efficient networking solutions worldwide. 

Indonesia’s First Check Point SASE PoP 

Our expansion into Jakarta is particularly noteworthy. While a number of our competitors have overlooked the potential of this vibrant region, Check Point SASE recognizes Indonesia’s burgeoning market and its critical role in the Southeast Asian economy.  

By establishing a presence in Indonesia, Check Point SASE is tapping into a market that many of our competitors have yet to explore, offering our clients an edge in this important location. 

We’re clearly excited about how rapidly we have expanded our global mesh network.  

Since we launched our platform, originally as Perimeter 81, we’ve consistently increased our number of PoPs to create a robust worldwide network that can serve our customers with fast delivery and prompt and efficient network management–easing the burden for your IT team. 

New Regions and Enhanced PoPs 

In addition to Indonesia, we’re opening locations in Chennai and Milan to increase our geographical reach, open the doors to new business opportunities, and enhance the performance of our network.  

Enhancing Existing Networks 

We’re also strengthening our existing network infrastructure by boosting availability and reliability in Amsterdam, Ashburn, Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Osaka, Paris, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Stockholm, and Warsaw. 

Recognizing the importance of service quality, we are also improving our service levels in Frankfurt, Singapore, and Toronto so that our clients receive the best possible networking experience. 

The Check Point SASE Advantage 

Why does this expansion matter to you as a customer? 

  • Global Reach with Local Insight: Our widespread network is designed to cater to global business needs while providing localized insights and solutions.  
  • Reduced Latency: With more PoPs across the globe, data has to travel shorter distances before hopping onto our network, resulting in reduced latency and faster connections. 
  • Improved Reliability: More PoPs mean better load distribution and redundancy, leading to improved network reliability and uptime. 
  • Enhanced Security: Our expansion is in line with our commitment to providing top-notch security, safeguarding your data across all touchpoints. 
  • Tailored Solutions: Each region has its unique requirements, and our expansion allows us to tailor our services to meet these specific needs. 

Looking Ahead to an Exciting 2024 

The expansion of our network is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more exciting changes and advancements in 2024, as we expand and enhance our platform’s capabilities, ensuring that we continue to deliver cutting-edge security features and a superior user experience.