Ensure Fast and Resilient Connectivity for Every User, Everywhere

Ensure Fast and Resilient Connectivity for Every User, Everywhere

Wherever your users connect from, and to, 
make sure they get there with minimal latency and high reliability

Wherever your users connect from, and to, 
make sure they get there with minimal latency and high reliability

Boost Network Performance

Your users and resources can be anywhere, your network should be there too.
Our Global Backbone Network has the world, and you, covered.


50+ PoPs distributed worldwide


Each PoP connection has at least two Tier 1 providers


Reserved bandwidth and expansive peering

Highly Available

Fast automatic failover between PoPs for maximum uptime

Optimized Connectivity for All

Optimized Connectivity
for All

Whether at the office, home, or on the road, enable all users to easily connect to a nearby PoP wherever they are. Ensure minimal last-mile latency, an optimal user experience and enhanced productivity.

Hop on the Fast Track

Traditional networks send user traffic over the public Internet. This results in accumulated latency, jitter and packet loss causing connectivity degradation impacting application performance. Our Global Backbone Network with dedicated Tier-1 highways bypasses the public Internet and takes you to any destination, fast.

Optimized Interconnectedness

Perimeter 81’s Global Backbone Network connects any user to any application with minimal latency and maximum productivity.  Ensure your workforce has untethered access to the applications and resources they need. 

Public Internet Falters

ISP Handoffs

Users typically connect to company resources via ISP handoffs: passing traffic from one ISP to the next all the way to the destination.

No Guarantees

ISP handoffs mean no speed guarantees, no reserved bandwidth, and no obligations to ensure reliable end-to-end connectivity.

Poor Performance

On the public internet, user traffic picks up latency until applications become slow leading to a negative user experience and reduced productivity.

Private Backbone Performs

Closest Connection

Perimeter 81 connects users from the PoP closest to them to their final destination over our Global Backbone Network.


Each PoP utilizes at least two Tier-1 links to ensure backbone resilience and optimal performance.

The Digital Super Highway

Perimeter 81’s Global Backbone is essentially a digital super highway with a multitude of fast moving lanes that reach all major business locations around the world.

Perimeter 81 Helps Organizations

Connect Remote Users

Efficiently connect users from home, the coffee shop, or wherever their job takes them.

Accelerate Applications

Improve application responsiveness whether on-prem or in the cloud.

Optimize Global Connectivity

Ensure optimal performance between any two locations around the world.

Global Backbone Network FAQs 

What is a global backbone network?
A network of PoPs distributed around the globe and interconnected by a fast network of Tier-1 providers with reserved bandwidth and fast connectivity to all major cloud provider infrastructures. 
How is a global backbone better than the public Internet?
A global backbone provides faster connections between two points reducing jitter, latency, and packet loss. The regular internet offers none of these guarantees due to ISP handoffs where user traffic is passed from one ISP to the other until it eventually arrives at its destination.
How many PoPs does Perimeter 81 have?
Perimeter 81 has 50 PoPs around the world, and we’re adding more all the time.
How does a Global Backbone Network improve application responsiveness?
Faster connections with less jitter and noise means better connectivity between your users and the applications they need to access. This means improved overall responsiveness, a better user experience, and increased productivity.

Learn More About Perimeter 81’s
Global Backbone Network

Learn More About
Perimeter 81’s
Global Backbone Network

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