Product Walkthrough Webinars

Watch our product walkthrough webinars for guidance from our security experts on setting up your workspace and adding new features.

Product Walkthrough Webinars


Initial Setup

Get started on inviting users, deploying gateways, and monitoring network activity.

  • Invite users and create groups within your workspace
  • Create a network and add regions and gateways
  • Check and monitor network activity


Zero Trust Application Access

Provide your team with secured, zero trust access to web applications – without an agent. Based on customized protocols, you can deploy four types of application access to your workforce.

  • Easily deploy applications based on customized protocols
  • Protect your organization’s applications with adaptive policies
  • Gain full visibility with application activity logs


Initial and Advanced Configuration

Fine-tune your network setup and achieve more granular settings options. 

  • Set up cloud and local network interconnectivity
  • Incorporate split tunneling into your network
  • Configure additional network capabilities


Enabling Network Traffic Control and Device Posture Check

Access our premium cloud firewall-as-a-service.

  • Enable firewall-as-a-service features 
  • Activate the new Network Traffic Control feature
  • Operate the new Device Posture Check feature

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