Dive Deeper into Your Security Logs with Splunk for Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 integration with Splunk helps organizations complement their complete network visibility, with searchable network-wide data on security events and in-depth, sophisticated analysis of user activity. 

Dive Deeper into Your Security Logs with Splunk for Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 Provides the Logs, Splunk Analyzes
the Data 

Splunk is easily configurable to collect data on all activity in Perimeter 81, and provides a variety of tools to help track and investigate security events.

Perimeter 81 Provides the Logs, Splunk Analyzes the Data

Perimeter 81 already has comprehensive cloud security offering device posture check, firewall as a service, access control and more, giving Splunk a wealth of relevant data to break down and analyze into performant security insights. 

  • Token-based secure communication over HTTP or HTTPS
  • Instant integration with our platform, no complex configuration
  • Searchable access to all data on network activity

Get More From Splunk with Perimeter 81

Gain powerful insight into user behavior

Gain powerful insight into user behavior

Aggregate and correlate events from across the Perimeter 81 platform into your Splunk account. Security teams can use Splunk’s visualization and analysis tools to clearly see who and from where they accessed their organization’s network, track activity, generate reports, and ensure effective security enforcement.

Security events from every layer

Security events from every layer

Widen the scope of security data to better protect your organization with event streaming from security controls at every layer. Authentication, access, group and server creation, team member activity, password changes and more should all be a part of effective security policy. Read our Splunk integration guide to learn more.

Splunk reporting for compliance

Splunk reporting for compliance

Improve enterprise-wide visibility and secure access control by proving that only compliant devices have access to the network. Splunk helps manage requirements, log events and monitor usage to make compliance processes easy. 

Why Splunk Customers Choose Perimeter 81

Cut IT Costs

Businesses using Splunk can further upgrade their security stacks with one cloud-based network security product, eliminating hardware costs and centralizing the most important aspects of security.

Improve Visibility

Splunk is ideal for aggregating data from multiple corporate resources at once. Monitor traffic across even more applications to be sure of your company’s security posture and compliance status.

Easy Secure Access

Make it safer and easier for employees to login and get Zero Trust network access, with SSO via multiple SAML 2.0 identity providers including Okta, Google, OneLogin and more.

The Highest Standard of Data Privacy

The networking and security tools provided by Perimeter 81 as part of our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform offer mutually beneficial functionality when integrated with Splunk. Monitoring, analysis and reporting of important security makes it easy for businesses with many critical cloud resources to check and improve security policy.