Perimeter 81 for Marketers

Build a strategic, competitive market presence

Virtual private networks offer powerful advantages for businesses in a number of sectors, including SEO companies and marketing or ad agencies. Find out how Perimeter 81 is the secret ingredient to help marketers from all industries advertise successfully.

Build a strategic, competitive market presence

Challenges for Marketing Teams

Marketers face increasingly challenging processes when researching localized markets, and virtual networking technology like VPNs help them measure the efficacy of their market presence while remaining anonymous. 

IP Banning

Because of IP addresses, competitors are able to ban certain IPs — keeping you from researching target audiences and markets.


Marketers often encounter geo-restricted content which hinders their ability to access certain websites, forums, blogs and other content. 


Sometimes, even your entire software or service can be blocked because of performance and IP monitoring.

The Only Security Solution for Marketing Agencies

With Perimeter 81, you can eliminate all issues of IP bans, access restricted sites, provide employee-wide security, and more.

Improved Competitor Research

Improved Competitor Research

Marketers often track their competitors’ activities and monitor their client’s systems to provide better, specialized services. Perimeter 81 assigns you a different IP each time you connect, masking your true IP and keeping you from getting blacklisted.

Unlimited, Global Access

Unlimited, Global Access

Conduct quality assurance testing, optimize geo-targeting efforts and circumvent geo-restriction. Perimeter 81 makes promoting your company’s international presence easy by allowing you to deploy private cloud VPN servers with dedicated IP addresses anywhere.

Security for Remote and BYOD Devices

Security for Remote and BYOD Devices

Recent data reveals that 84 percent of Americans work remotely from home at least once a month, and this number is skyrocketing. With Perimeter 81, your employees connect with one click through an encrypted and secure connection — no matter where they’re connecting from.

Perimeter 81 Complements Great Marketing

Our secure network access solution protects your organization’s critical private data — all while giving marketers the ability to do their jobs hassle-free. 

Optimize Rankings & Ad Campaigns

Optimize your advertising efforts by easily viewing, monitoring and managing your ads and keywords internationally. With Perimeter 81, you can connect to a variety of global servers and observe your performance to the fullest extent.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Marketers can use Perimeter 81 to scrape local pricing and competitor data without being blocked. Additionally, they can review advertisers’ landing pages for malicious advertisements, false cloaking and improper ads.

Unrestricted Online Access

Bypass online censorship and access any app, social media network, website, or online tool. Easily eliminate the struggle of accessing certain online resources or connecting with valued clients and colleagues with Perimeter 81.

Bypass IP Address Banning

When you connect to a Perimeter 81 server, you change your online location and your IP address. This eliminates tracking, monitoring and blocking from website owners, leaving marketers free to post as much content and at the frequency preferred.

Effortless Quality Assurance Testing

If your business is online and global, your QA team needs the tools to ensure your services are working correctly everywhere. With a Business VPN, geo-anonymity makes it easy to check the quality of your product in your key markets.

Add an Extra Layer of Data Security

Unsecured networks allow hackers to intercept data and install malicious software on your device. With Perimeter 81, you and your employees are secured with bank-level 256-bit AES encryption at all times, on any device.

Marketing at Its Fullest Potential

Perimeter 81’s secure network access solution provides powerful advantages for marketers in every industry. If you’d like to enable strong marketing tactics while securing your network and online activities, request a demo today.