Perimeter 81 for IT Managers

Streamline and unify your critical security tools

Now more than ever, it’s imperative to safeguard the modern IT environment. With security evolved to meet today’s sophisticated threats, you can conquer the cyber risks we see now and combat those of the future.

Perimeter 81 for IT Managers
“The main reason we decided to go with Perimeter 81 was its ease of use and the support offered. Our business appreciates simplicity and Perimeter 81 complements that. Costs were reasonable and once we adopted Perimeter 81, the entire setup took less than 15 minutes.”
Alex McClune
Director of IT at Whisky Auctioneer

Common Security Challenges IT Managers Face

Malware & Ransomware

Malware & Ransomware

The worst part about malware is the simple fact that it’s everywhere. Spyware, adware, ransomware, etc. are all possible through malware. Using access control, encryption, and monitoring, organizations can minimize the risk malware introduces to the network.

Managing Users

Managing Users

Insider threats and accidental user actions are both unpredictable and a significant source of security incidents. User security hygiene severely affects the integrity of organizations, making access control and monitoring a forefront of security defense.  

Limited Budgets

Limited Budgets

It is often difficult for security professionals to acquire the budget needed to implement effective security programs. With Perimeter 81, you can scale with growth, consolidate your stack and lose the hardware that requires so much maintenance and overhead. 

Increasing Endpoints

Increasing Endpoints

As organizations continue to adopt BYOD devices and encourage remote work, the increasing number of endpoints has created a nightmare for IT. With a cloud-enabled solution security professionals gain total visibility and real-time endpoint awareness.

With Perimeter 81, IT Managers Have Superpowers

Gain Total Network Visibility

Monitoring of connected device traffic and network activity, plus integration with all major cloud services and on-prem resources means IT has one, centralized portal where the efficacy of security is on display.

Encourage Zero Trust Access

Unrestricted network access for unauthorized users is the biggest attack surface existing today. Redesign access rules to individual network resources based on devices, roles, locations and other granular identifiers rather than a mere password. 

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Consolidate a growing stack of security and networking tools into one cloud platform, and benefit from a flexible SaaS model that requires no hardware or maintenance to scale with your company.

Implement Stronger Data Protection

Prevent data loss and unauthorized access to your network, with a multi-layered security approach including always-on encryption, two-factor authentication and Single Sign-On.

Align IT Goals with Business Goals

Perimeter 81 is more than secure. It also helps consolidate and streamline ITs most crucial responsibilities.

User Security Beats Network Security

Easily create user-centric access policies to individual network segments, defined by various attributes such as location, role and device.

Cloud Integrations, Static IPs

Orchestrate user access through local gateways, deployed around the world and with static IPs so integration with any cloud provider is easy.

Unified Software, No Hardware

Gain a single tool for networking and security needs, replacing most of your stack and removing the need for hardware – and all maintenance involved.

“Digital business transformation inverts network and security service design patterns, shifting the focal point to the identity of the user and/or device — not the data center. Security and risk management leaders need a converged cloud-delivered secure access service edge to address this shift.”
Andrew Lerner
Gartner, 2019

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Our simple, easy-to-use management platform means IT managers can spend less time dealing with the details, and more time focusing on the big picture.