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SaaS: Convenient & Powerful, but Fully Exposed

SaaS: Convenient &
Powerful, but Fully

The power of SaaS is also its greatest weakness: Easy accessibility for everybody – including full exposure to more than 4 billion IP addresses.

Open to All

SaaS provides cybercriminals ample opportunity to exploit stolen credentials and probe for security gaps.

Under Attack

55% of organizations have experienced a SaaS security incident and 58% report having deficient protection for at least half of their SaaS apps.

Multiple Threats

With more than 50 documented types of SaaS attacks, applications and data are under persistent threat.

Powerful Features Set SaaSPass Apart

Reduced Attack Surface  

SaaSPass allows only traffic from your designated, static IP address. This reduces the potential attack surface from 4 billion IP addresses to 1. 

Full Management and Control

SaaSPass gives you real-time visibility into the users and devices that are connecting to your SaaS apps, all from a centralized console.

1-Click Kill Switch

There are an estimated 24 billion user credentials circulating on the dark web. SaaSPass gives you the power to cut off a compromised account from your SaaS environment with a single click.


Control Access to Your SaaS Applications

Control Access to

Your SaaS Applications

SaaSPass keeps you in the driver’s seat

Unique IP Address

Unlike other solutions, SaaSPass provides a dedicated static IP address to each customer.

User Access Controls

Easily align users’ settings with their roles and responsibilities to ensure they can only access the applications they need.

Simplified User Management

When users leave the organization, 
SaaSPass lets you immediately cut off their access to all SaaS applications.

Key SaaSPass Benefits

Global Backbone Network

Global Backbone Network

Highly available connectivity with Perimeter 81’s Global Backbone Network, including dual tier-1 links with reserved bandwidth for SaaSPass customers.

Enhanced Wi-Fi Security

Enhanced Wi-Fi Security

Strong encryption adds a layer of protection when users connect from unsecure Wi-Fi networks.

Wide Device Support

Wide Device Support

Easily align users’ settings with their roles and responsibilities to ensure they can only access the applications they need.

Integration with Identity Providers

Integration with Identity Providers

Integration with leading IdPs such as Azure AD, Jumpcloud, Okta, and OneLogin with support for SSO and SCIM.

Get SaaSPass – Fast

Get SaaSPass – Fast

SaaSPass is deployed in 3 simple steps:

Set up a gateway (Performed by Perimeter 81)

Deploy the Perimeter 81 agent to user devices in a few clicks

Allow logins to SaaS services from your gateway IP

SaaSPass FAQs 

What SaaS applications can I connect to SaaSPass?
Any SaaS application that supports IP allow listing (AKA whitelisting).
How do I block unauthorized access to SaaSPass?
To access your SaaSPass gateway, users must first be authenticated via your Identity Provider (e.g., Okta, Azure AD), preventing unauthorized access.
Can I generate reports from SaaSPass?
Yes, you can generate reports showing user access and administrator activity in your SaaS applications.
Will SaaSPass impact my SaaS application performance?
Connections from the SaaSPass gateway to SaaS servers travel over the Perimeter 81 Global Backbone Network, which provides dual tier-1 links and reserved bandwidth for your traffic. This high-speed connectivity often results in even faster performance.

Companies of All Sizes and Industries Trust Perimeter 81

Companies of All Sizes
and Industries Trust
Perimeter 81

See why thousands of organizations chose Perimeter 81 to achieve the security and peace of mind they deserve.

“Easy to implement, easy to use, no overhead”
The native agent is easy to use, and even our non-technical teams are able to use it without any issues.
Daniel G.
VP of Customer Success
“Intuitive interface, straightforward to set up and ensures secure access”
The ease of use not only translates to quick adoption rates – it also ensures that our employees remain compliant with our cybersecurity protocols, enhancing the overall security posture of our organization
Program Manager
“Great solution for Remote access and security”
Connecting remotely is very quick and easy, without a lot of cumbersome steps. This is a great solution for remote work.
Todd S.
VP of Sales & Marketing
“Zero Trust Network Connectivity At Its Finest”
Great service, good flexibility for our users, vendor is always very responsive whenever problems/issues appear!
Information Security Manager

Learn More About SaaSPass and Perimeter81

Learn More About
SaaSPass and
Perimeter 81

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