Customer Snapshot: Company With 1,000 Employees Connects Remote Users in Under 48 Hours

Sometimes businesses don’t want any help. We recently had a front row seat to such a customer who used our platform, on their own, as we’d hoped. In just two days, this 1,000-person company went from nothing to deploying a zero trust network, and onboarding employees all by themselves. 

We were ready to provide assistance every step of the way, but they knew what they needed to do and only required the tools to do it. 

The end result? This company showed just how fast and easy it is to get started with Perimeter 81.

The Story

During a recent weekend, a European online retail site was stuck. They had a problem with their on-prem VPN and needed to move to a new solution fast. The company was already thinking about switching to Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and with their remote access solution failing, the issue moved to the top of their priority list.

But this is happening on the weekend. Most network security providers require you to speak with a sales representative, and most are closed or working with a skeleton crew during the weekends. That just wasn’t going to cut it for a team working in emergency mode, so they turned to our Start Now option

This is a self-service approach where you can sign-up for an administrator account, sign-up for the tools you need, and start deploying a new network for your users. While we’re always ready to help, we don’t require customers to talk to sales or our support team to get started. 

You can just log on to the platform and get to work. 

That’s exactly what they did.

The customer started on Saturday with a small proof-of-concept for just a few dozen users. Then they expanded the test to hundreds of users, and by Monday they had their employees up and running across multiple company divisions. 

On the user side they easily imported their users and then provisioned devices running Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

On the network side, they created more than 5 separate networks to facilitate segmentation at the network level, designated split tunneling rules, enabled the access regions they needed, and deployed gateways. 

They even set-up encrypted tunnels from gateways to company resources to ensure the highest level of security end to end. 

Did we mention all of this was set up and running in just two days? That’s the power of Perimeter 81’s intuitive central management console.

Since that first emergency mode deployment, we’ve been there to support the company with bi-weekly calls to make sure they get the most out of their investment. After consultation with our experts, the company decided to deploy Device Posture Check and add additional Firewall rules to increase their network security and move towards a long-term, robust Zero Trust strategy.

Radically Simple in Action

Perimeter 81 enables companies to easily create, deploy and manage a cloud-based network with Zero Trust security, with or without assistance. Employees get secure access to cloud and on-prem resources backed by a micro-segmentation strategy built to defend against modern threats. The IT department, meanwhile, gets a centralized management console where they have control and visibility into network activity.

Our platform includes Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) connecting users to the applications they need with continuous verification based on identity and device posture. There’s also a Firewall as a Service, and Web Filtering and Malware Protection (SWG) to keep users protected online. We’ve even got unmanaged devices covered with Agentless ZTNA that provides application access via a dedicated portal with context- and identity-based continuous verification.

All of this comes wrapped up in an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that reduces the time needed to manage and deploy network features, which means more time spent focusing on other tasks. 

Perimeter 81 Is Here for You (on Your Terms)

It’s fantastic that a company was able to use our platform to transition their business network in just a matter of days, but we’re here to help. Customers can always turn to us for implementation support. In addition, every customer is assigned an account manager who’s there to help their journey to better network security. 

If you’ve been thinking about switching to a ZTNA provider, but aren’t ready to talk to sales people then give our Start Now option a try to build your own POC. We can always talk later, if you like.  

For a more detailed look at our platform, book a demo and get a 20-minute consultation on what Perimeter 81 can do for your company’s network and network security. 

Either way, Perimeter 81 can get your business up and running with a secure network lightning fast.