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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform for users and developers that allows teams to create custom software solutions.
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A Multi-Tenant Platform
Salesforce is a multi-tenant platform that uses a collection of cloud computing resources. Each company receives a unique identifier to prevent access to data stored in another customer’s instance.
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Platform Services
Salesforce offers many services for users, including Heroku which gives developers the flexibility to create apps using their preferred languages and tools.

Secure Access to Salesforce Depends on You

Security in the cloud is shared between Salesforce and the customer.
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Salesforce is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of their customers’ information in the data center through multi-layered security, environmental controls, network protection, disaster recovery and more.
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Salesforce customers are responsible for managing access to their account and resources. That means customers must implement authentication and user access controls in order to protect their Salesforce environment.
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Network-Based Security

Since there are no location restrictions within Salesforce’s default settings, users can block unauthorized access using Trusted IP ranges.

Limit Where and When Users Can Log in From

Salesforce allows organizations to define a list of trusted IP addresses that controls login access for your entire organization. This Trusted IP range is typically used to “whitelist” IPs at the organization level.

The Issue with Trusted IPs

If an employee connects to Salesforce outside of the trusted IP range, let’s say from Starbucks, they will be asked to verify their identity and then allowed into Salesforce. However, the next time a person goes to Starbucks, that user will no longer need to verify their identity.

Say Goodbye to Manual IP Whitelisting

With Perimeter 81 Private Server IP addresses, you can define network access according to custom IP ranges, ensuring only authorized users can access Salesforce resources.

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The Pain Point

Manually whitelisting IP addresses is a time-consuming process that requires constant management and delays productivity. Often times, users can even access admin accounts, posing a threat to security, operations and compliance.

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Simple Configuration

Since remote users can connect to a gateway and then have their IP address whitelisted to a security group, cloud service platforms (AWS, Azure, SalesForce, etc.) can all be configured to work with Perimeter 81.

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With Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 eliminates the need to manually whitelist every user's IP address. Instead, each user is automatically whitelisted to access the resources they need according to the roles and permissions assigned to them.

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Protecting Your Cloud Assets with Perimeter 81

Security Controls at Every Layer

Protect your business and your clients by applying security controls at every layer. Secure data transmission with bank-level 256-bit AES encryption, backed by multi-layer authentication and Identity Provider integration.

Transparent User Experience

Seamless authentication protocols allow cloud and SSO solutions to enforce secure access with ease. With advanced activity monitoring, you can gain even more insight into your network’s health, activity and security.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Automatic Wi-Fi Security

Perimeter 81’s Automatic Wi-Fi Security feature is a special, built-in function available for all applications. It encrypts data over a Wi-Fi network, even if an employee’s device is in locked mode and inside their pocket.

Secure Access to Salesforce with Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81’s user-friendly interface, unified management and seamless integration with major cloud services, like Salesforce, give companies of all industries and sizes the power to confidently secure data and access to both on-site and remote environments.

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