Device posture vigilance for the BYOD and remote work era

Boost the security of your critical resources by enforcing the correct device posture in remote devices before access occurs. Make sure that your employees’ devices aren’t a target for hackers by preventing hacking at the source.

Choose the level of security required for access

Device Posture Check ensures no compromised devices can connect to your network, with rules that are specific to any subset of your users, such as contractors, branch offices or departments, and also to mobile and desktop operating systems.

Stop security breaches before they happen

Attackers can exploit a device before and while it accesses the network. Perimeter 81 DPC makes it easy to check the security posture of your devices before connection and continuously on a custom schedule, for 24/7 autonomous device security.

Ongoing monitoring of device access

Monitoring is an essential part of any security strategy and necessary for ensuring  company-wide compliance. Perimeter 81 makes it easy to monitor your network endpoints and their activity for more proactive, provable threat defense.

Device insights and data at your fingertips

Drill down into device posture check reports in the Device Posture Check monitoring panel, where you’ll find your device inventory, health, history of user logins, successful or failed posture checks, session information and more.

Verify endpoint posture in every environment

Network access now occurs outside the traditional perimeter and with a variety of different devices. Device Posture Check (DPC) addresses the risks of this trend by ensuring employees can only obtain access with secure devices. 

Define Device Trust

Define the correct device posture by group, meaning more relevant security policy based on users.

Block Unsecure Access

Automatically deny access, even for familiar devices, if the security posture doesn’t match the preset rules.

Device Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility over the devices in your network to ensure the efficacy of your DPC rules.

Inventory Endpoints

Build a complete inventory and history of your network’s connected devices and their activity.

Benefits of Device Posture Check for IT

Bring Your Own Device and other trends such as cloud adoption present security challenges that require a holistic approach. DPC and other Perimeter 81 features work together to revolutionize IT for any business.

Lower TCO

Perimeter 81’s unified features replace your legacy hardware and security solutions with one seamless cloud platform, saving significant overheads for the IT team.

Improve Security

Complement DPC capabilities with other tools like 2FA, Single Sign-On, DNS filtering, always-on encryption and other tools for a multi-layer security strategy.

Offer Remote Work

Posture checks run in parallel with encryption provided by cloud gateways, which are VPN tunnels for local employees to privately access your network.

Before implementing the Perimeter 81 solution, I would have to do video calls with each employee on how to configure the VPN on their device. With Perimeter 81, I don’t have to deal with those calls anymore, or hours of VPN requests, and now I have more time to do other things in my workday
Maks Suski
IT Manager at Kustomer
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