Gain instant visibility into your networks with the Monitoring Dashboard

Keep your networks safer and more efficient with a dynamic view of your network usage.

A single pane of glass for your network status

Sometimes it isn’t enough to “set and forget” – you need an in-depth view of your networks and policies. The monitoring dashboard gives you a minute-to-minute view of your network use, with beautiful, simple graphs that allow you to drill down for more precise information.


Monitoring Dashboard data is updated every 1-2 minutes, giving you a near real-time view of network usage.


See your active sessions, licenses, gateways and more in a single, filterable view.


Go a step further and view breakdowns for a given moment in time.

Dynamic network visibility Monitoring Dashboard | Perimeter 81

Dynamic network visibility

To ensure your network configurations are efficient and secure, you need a clear window into your network access. The Monitoring Dashboard gives you a view of your network access with data that is refreshed every 1-2 minutes, so that you are always up-to-date on network usage.

All the information you need in a single view Monitoring Dashboard | Perimeter 81

All the information you need in a single view

Effectively monitoring your networks requires a simple, unified dashboard. The Monitoring Dashboard displays active sessions, utilized member licenses, gateway licenses and applications, and active users. Views are easily filtered by time range, network, region, and gateway so that you can focus on the information you need to manage your networks.

View the granular data you need Monitoring Dashboard | Perimeter 81

View the granular data you need

To take effective action, you need to pinpoint issues when they arise. Hovering over dashboard graphs displays the specific data points behind the graph, allowing you to quickly zero in on important trends and outliers.  

Why IT teams rely on the Monitoring Dashboard

The Monitoring Dashboard provides the visibility that IT teams need to optimize networking and security.

Determine Network Needs

Easily determine network needs based on clear views of past and present user activity by network, region and gateway.

Protect and Secure

Unusual activity is evident in the dashboard view, and IT can quickly drill down to take action against illicit use.

Manage Holistically

IT functions best when working with a single, fully integrated system. The Monitoring Dashboard provides a single pane of glass for tracking network use.

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