Choose a VPN alternative and expand beyond your legacy VPN

Gain complete traffic encryption and more agile access policies, without the hardware or complexity involved in traditional solutions.

Choose a VPN alternative and expand beyond your legacy VPN

Evolve security beyond mere encryption

As more employees work remotely and resources move to the cloud, legacy VPNs fail to provide edge network visibility and control for IT teams. With a cloud-based, always-on VPN alternative, more flexible security based on users is easy to achieve.

Many VPN Protocols

Encrypt traffic with a variety of VPN protocols including IPSec, OpenVPN and WireGuard.

Zero Trust Access

Reduce the attack surface with segmented resource access by role, device and more.

Any-Cloud Friendly

Gain visibility and control over all your local servers and services or apps from major cloud providers.

Global Edge Network

Accelerate access and reduce latency for your remote workers with easily deployed global gateways.

VPN Alternative - Encryption for every port and protocol

Encryption for every port and protocol

When critical resources are present across many cloud environments, one VPN protocol for your users will fail to cover all security gaps. Perimeter 81 allows you to deploy multiple protocols like IPSec and WireGuard at the same time for different resources and users.

VPN Alternative - Unique, secure access policies by use

Unique, secure access policies by use

The simplest thing you can do to protect your network is to segment critical resources, and ensure that each user only has access to the resources relevant to them. Perimeter 81 relies on identity providers to login and automatically provide optimized access rules for users and groups.

VPN Alternative - Ensure security solutions cover all network resources

Ensure security solutions cover all network resources

A primary concern for IT when their companies expand into the cloud, remote work and BYOD is network complexity, which can obstruct visibility of access and activity and risk security significantly. Perimeter 81 integrates with any solution or service for total network omniscience.

VPN Alternative - Maximize resource availability for remote employees

Maximize resource availability for remote employees

Cloud adoption is great for IT agility but it also means that sensitive resource access is happening further away than ever before. Security solutions must be closer to the action, and therefore Perimeter 81 enables easy deployment of VPN gateways, public or private, around the world.

The top benefits of cloud VPN alternatives

By evolving beyond the traditional VPN, organizations get instant confidence in the security of each endpoint and resource, and full visibility of their network without expensive orchestration, maintenance or hardware.

Less Overhead, Lower TCO

Orchestrating a tall stack of security products involves maintenance and hardware costs that our secure VPN alternative solution lets you avoid from stage one.

Top-Down Network Visibility

Network visibility is priceless, because the cost of being breached can’t be measured. We offer the visibility you need to ensure data integrity. 

Holistic Security Capabilities

Equip your IT team with a full array of tools in a single streamlined panel, including our always-on VPN alternative, freeing up significant time.

Security challenges solved by a VPN cloud-based alternative

Alternative, cloud-based VPN solutions quickly empower IT teams to go beyond the limited security and networking capabilities of a classic VPN.

Lack of Activity Monitoring and Alerts

With built-in logging for all network activity, cloud-based VPN alternatives can alert IT teams of potential threats and determine the performance of access policies. Perimeter 81 is integrated with major SIEM providers including Azure Sentinel and Amazon S3 for even more in-depth auditing and proven compliance.

Messy Security Tool Sprawl

When IT uses many solutions to manage access policy, monitor traffic, encrypt data and deploy security to various users and environments, this complex orchestration takes up most of their time and can lead to human error and hacking vulnerabilities. Perimeter 81 is a single tool that comprehensively handles all these functions, reducing overhead and giving IT the visibility and power to tighten security as needed.

Simple and Risky Access Policies

Access to critical corporate resources should be on a least-privilege only basis: if the role doesn’t need access, the user behind that role shouldn’t have it. Legacy VPNs can’t ensure this role-based access, but cloud-based alternatives can, by enforcing logins through an identity provider and then only allowing the identified user or device into relevant segments of the network.

Low Visibility Across Resources

True visibility is only achieved when all resources in the network are under IT’s watchful eye. A Cloud VPN alternative such as Perimeter 81 provides encryption and authentication as well as a single dashboard for access to all local and cloud resources, so that no important asset is left unguarded or out of sight.

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