What is Splunk?

Splunk enables organizations of all sizes to search, analyze, and view the data gathered from the components of their IT infrastructure or business.

Log Management

Splunk users can enable log aggregation of event data from across their environment into a single repository of critical security insights.

Discover Unusual Activity Faster

Quickly search and review internal activities by assessing all network access logs in your organization’s environments.

Perimeter 81 Provides the Logs and Splunk Analyzes the Data

Secure network access events from Perimeter 81 can be monitored inside your Splunk account.

Gain powerful insight into user behavior

Perimeter 81’s integration with Splunk aggregates and correlates identity access events from the Perimeter 81 platform into your Splunk account. Security teams can use Splunk’s visualization and analysis tools to clearly see who and from where they accessed their organization’s network.

Deeper Understanding of User Access Behavior

Splunk & Perimeter 81’s customers have the opportunity to integrate enriched identity data and behavioral tendencies which will provide teams to gain complete network visibility throughout their organization.

Get More From Splunk with Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 provides advanced network access security controls:

Security Controls at Every Layer

Protect your organization and your web clients by applying security controls at every layer. Secure data transmission with bank-level 256-bit AES encryption, backed by multi-layer authentication and Identity Provider integration.

Transparent User Experience

Seamless authentication protocols allow cloud and SSO solutions to enforce secure access with ease. With advanced activity monitoring, you can gain even more insight into your network’s health, activity and security.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Enable enterprise-wide visibility and secure access control by ensuring only compliant devices access the network. Manage requirements, log events and monitor usage with Perimeter 81’s auditing and reporting capabilities.

Automatic Wi-Fi Security

Perimeter 81’s Automatic Wi-Fi Security feature is a special, built-in function available for all applications. It encrypts data over a Wi-Fi network, even if an employee’s device is in locked mode and inside their pocket.

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Gain Complete Network Visibility into Your Splunk Platform like Never Before

Perimeter 81 integrates seamlessly with Splunk, providing real-time alerts of network access events in your organization’s environment

Real-Time View of Event Logs

Perimeter 81’s integration with Spunk allows IT managers and system admins to monitor new access activity logs into one’s environment. and events deployments, troubleshoot applications and uncover performance issues.

Security Controls at Every Layer

Perimeter 81 is designed to protect our customers and their clients from threats by applying security controls at every layer.

Advanced Activity Monitoring

Gain even more insight into your network’s health, activity and security, including group and server creation, team member authentications, password changes and more.

Rapid Security Updates

Improve your team’s experience by rapidly deploying security updates without employee interaction or service interruption.

Cross-Platform Applications

Easy-to-use cross-platform applications are available for all your employees’ corporate and BYOD devices.

The Highest Standard of Data Privacy

Built for organizations looking to replace their legacy VPN technology, Perimeter 81’s user-friendly interface, unified management and seamless integration with major cloud services. Our Network as a Service provides companies of all industries and sizes the power to confidently secure data and access to both on-site and remote environments.

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