Perimeter 81 for CISOs

Accelerate and scale security for the cloud

Never before has the need to manage modern IT environments and risks been so critical. Adapt to the changing threat landscape effortlessly with our cloud-based, unified network security platform.

Accelerate and scale security for the cloud

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Common Security Challenges Facing CISOs

The Cloud is the New Perimeter

Organizations are moving sensitive data and resource workloads out of legacy data centers and into the cloud. Most data stored in the cloud is critical and CISOs need to know the who, what and when of access to ensure the organization isn’t exposed. 

A Lack of Identity Management

Data and applications have moved outside the organization’s traditional perimeter and users are working remotely with a wider array of devices. The need to secure user identities and provide role-based access is crucial for CISOs who want to make IT’s work as scalable as possible.

Low Network Visibility

When IT has little visibility of who enters the organization’s network or their activities, they are effectively blind. IT professionals must never lose sight of data at any point in its life cycle.  Full network visibility throughout local and cloud resources is the bare minimum to ensure security.

Securing the Cloud Edge

As organizations continue to adopt the cloud, remote work, and IoT more and more endpoints connect from the network’s edge. This has created a need to bring different endpoints under one umbrella, give them relevant access permissions, and help IT orchestrate them.

“One of the biggest benefits that we gained with Perimeter 81’s solution is the integration with Azure Active Directory. Our employees can log in to Perimeter 81 with the Azure AD strong authentication credentials, resulting in less complexity and fewer headaches for our IT team.”
Amir Jerbi
Co-Founder and CTO of Aqua Security
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How Perimeter 81 Helps Security Professionals

Perimeter 81 helps CISOs by centralizing crucial aspects of their role, including networking, access management, and the deployment of security into one cloud platform.

Implement Stronger Data Protection

Implement Stronger Data Protection

Prevent data loss and unauthorized access to your network, with a multi-layered security approach including always-on encryption, two-factor authentication and Single Sign-On.

Design Security Around Zero Trust

Design Security Around Zero Trust

With Perimeter 81, your organization is provided with secure, private and least-privilege access to corporate resources and applications based on Identity Providers.

Lower IT and Security Costs

Lower IT and Security Costs

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for IT functions by replacing traditional, outdated network security products with a single one-stop-shop for security in the cloud.

Total Network Visibility

Total Network Visibility

Unlike legacy solutions, Perimeter 81 offers in-depth, granular insights with monitoring, detection, auditing and activity logs, made available through full API integration.

Ensure Your Organization Meets Strategic Security Needs

With Perimeter 81, you can rely on a full set of critical security and networking tools, to make your organization more productive and more secure.

Granular Control, Broad Visibility

Allow your organization’s IT security teams to monitor and set user-centric policies that can be defined by various attributes, such as location, activity, role or device.

Private Servers and Static IPs

Easily deploy high-speed private servers that are created solely to fit your organization’s needs while securing resource access with dedicated IPs.

Unified Cloud Management

Gain a single point of control for managing cloud security and networking needs for your organization’s resources and users, for more scalable IT. 

Sync Security with Your Business’s Strategic Priorities

Perimeter 81 allows CISOs to manage risks, investigate incidents and ensure compliance with security regulations and company policies, easier and faster than ever before.