Perimeter 81 for Retail and E-commerce

Network Security for Brick-and-Mortar and Online Shops

75% of retailers have fallen victim to at least one data breach. As one of the most attacked industries today, it is essential to protect your business, partners and customers from evolving cyber threats.

New Threat Vectors Targeting Retail and E-commerce

Businesses often fail to realize they’ve experienced a breach until their business data has already been compromised. Perimeter 81’s network security solution ensures that multi-cloud retail businesses easily close the attack surface from all angles.

Security with a Legacy Solution

Diminished network visibility that lacks application and cloud controls, which can cause serious security weaknesses in retail and e-commerce networks and cloud environments.

Security with Perimeter 81

Retailers and e-commerce providers integrate a strong defense system in local and cloud resources, provide real-time visibility and identify and mitigate cyber threats before they become a threat.

Close the Gaps in Your Security

Perimeter 81 helps retail and e-commerce organizations address their security risks by offering IT a cost-effective and easy-to-use security solution that allows admins to operate more efficiently and securely for all their networking needs.

Improve Authentication to Retail Apps

Integrate easy employee authentication to your applications, with a large variety of complementary tools including 2FA and Single Sign-On via SAML 2.0.

Secure Worker Access

Set and manage your network access policies across local and cloud environments, devices, employee roles and locations.

Increase Productivity

Save time by automating authentication, access policies, and other security enforcement across the applications used by your e-commerce business.

Discover How Perimeter 81 Can Help Your Organization

With our network security solution, we are providing secure, private and unrestricted internet access to retail and e-commerce businesses all under one platform. To do so, we are transforming traditional network security technology with our unified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) offering.

Complete visibility

With audited access to cloud environments, applications and local services increase security, monitoring and visibility while reducing help-desk support.

Mitigating Data Loss

Dramatically enhance your security posture and mitigate data loss via visibility, safe enablement of applications and threat prevention.

Increased Security

By encrypting all data and filtering unwanted traffic, organizations can prevent sophisticated cyber threats from penetrating perimeter defenses.

Site-to-Site Interconnectivity

Encrypt all data and filtering unwanted traffic, organizations can prevent sophisticated cyber threats from penetrating perimeter defenses.

Accelerating Efficiency

Simplify compliance with highly effective trust boundaries by segmenting sensitive resources into many small perimeters that are secured based on user permissions.

Reducing TCO

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for IT security by replacing disconnected point products with a single, consolidated security platform.

“The main reason we decided to go with Perimeter 81 was its ease of use and the support offered. Our business appreciates simplicity and Perimeter 81 complements that. Costs were reasonable and once we adopted Perimeter 81, the entire setup took less than 15 minutes.”
Alex McClune
Director of IT at Whisky Auctioneer

Have You Achieved This Security Checklist?

Retail and e-commerce organizations are able to boost security in several key ways and easily exceed compliance requirements with Perimeter 81. 

Protect Data in Transit

Protect data transmission with bank-level 256-bit AES encryption in multiple protocols.

Privilege Separation

Easily implement IdP and different levels of privilege depending on the user or device.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Reduce the attack surface with multiple layers of authentication.

Logging and Event Collection

Easily monitor and audit the network for security-critical events.

Complete Network Visibility

Maintain centralized control and full visibility of users’ access to defined client applications and network resources.

Compliant Operations

Easily meet SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001/2 compliance with encryption, visibility, activity logging, access control and more.

Perimeter 81: Simpler Network Security for Retailers and E-commerce

Eliminate excessive IT costs and inputs, and revolutionize the idea of network access and security for your organization.