Common Security Challenges for Small Business Owners

Businesses face threats on many fronts, and the more users, devices, and applications you add, the more vulnerable your network becomes.

Increased Attack Frequency

Hackers are constantly finding innovative ways to break into networks. Each year, small businesses around the globe experience cyber attacks at increasing rates, many of which are forced to close down shortly after.

Targetted Zero-Day Attacks

Zero-Day attacks occur when a bad actor exploits a weakness in software, creating a major security risk for small businesses. These attacks may include malware, spyware or unlawful access to user information.

Unprecedented Vulnerability

Without a segmented solution in place, a hacker can easily gain access to the network through any of your endpoints and quickly move laterally across the network, giving them immediate access to all of your business’ private data.

Enabling Remote Connectivity

Many small businesses outsource some of their services through third-parties, freelancers and consultants, which often means they need to allow these individuals to access their network remotely. This poses significant security risks to private data.

The Benefits of Network Security for Small Business

Complete network security allows small business owners to manage risks, investigate incidences and ensure compliance with security regulations and company policies.

Secure network access allows small businesses to:

  • Quickly scale your network with total ease
  • Protect your business from security breaches
  • Comply with government and industry-specific regulations
  • Allow employees to work securely from any location - whether it’s on-site, at home, or while traveling
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How Small Businesses Can Secure Their Private Network

To be prepared for today’s growing threats, it’s more important than ever for small businesses to transcend legacy security solutions and implement complete network security.

To protect your network from cyber threats, small business owners should:

Transcend the Traditional Firewall and Legacy VPN Solutions

Traditional solutions are no longer effective at protecting the network from ever-growing threats. With Perimeter 81, you can experience superior network visibility, comprehensive user awareness and advanced network security.


Define User Access to the Network

Today, users connect to the network from all over which is why secure, off-site access is essential. Perimeter 81 allows business owners to defend against cyber threats one step earlier with fully integrated cloud security and complete visibility.


Implement Strong Traffic Encryption

VPNs allow businesses to secure user connections to the network by encrypting all transmitted data. With Perimeter 81, all data is encrypted using strong, bank-level 256-bit AES encryption so that no one can eavesdrop on network traffic.


Gain Complete Network Visibility

Today, network traffic comes from multiple endpoints thanks to cloud applications, BYOD devices, remote employees and more. Perimeter 81’s real-time monitoring allows you to instantly address potential threats using the most user-friendly interface on the market.


Simplify Network Segmentation

As cyber attacks become more advanced, securing private networks has become even more complicated. With network segmentation, malicious activity can no longer move laterally across the network, allowing you to isolate sensitive data from breaches.

Protect Your Business with an Award-Winning Service

Our simple, easy-to-use management platform is here to help small business owners protect their businesses, employees and customers from cyber attacks, data loss and other online threats.

With Perimeter 81, small business owners can:

  • Encrypt network traffic
  • Deploy private servers
  • Manage network activity
  • Easily secure network access
  • Distribute global IP addresses
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