Perimeter 81 for Technology and SaaS

Comprehensive security for your entire stack

Our network security platform offers Technology and SaaS companies the ability to easily meet compliance standards, secure their cloud and on-prem resources, and offer employees low-latency access from anywhere.

Meeting the Challenges of a Cloud Corporate Network

A transformation in security is necessary in an era when the traditional network perimeter has also transformed. As resources move to the cloud, workers have gone remote and access to the corporate network occurs further than ever and across more endpoints.

Under these conditions, legacy security solutions fall behind and Perimeter 81 pulls ahead.

SaaS Security with a Legacy Solution

Low visibility between local and cloud and between multi-cloud environments. Centralized access through hardware, creating bottlenecks, latency and extra work for IT as the organization grows.

SaaS Security with Perimeter 81

Total resource visibility across local and cloud, secure and fast remote access via local gateways, seamless integration with cloud service providers, and scalable access rules based on role, device and more.

A Cloud Security Solution by SaaS, for SaaS

As a SaaS service, we understand exactly what kind of security you need. With Perimeter 81 you can protect your cloud environments, servers and users with total ease. 

Command the Cloud

Perimeter 81’s cloud-based service seamlessly integrates with major cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. It provides cost-effective access control, total visibility and monitoring across all environments.

Enable Remote Access

Employees connect from multiple devices, and from various locations during all hours of the night and day. Perimeter 81 allows employees to securely access the organization’s private network through the internet and share data. 

Scale Security

Simplify the stack and reduce tool sprawl with a unified array of security and networking tools. Our platform lets IT create access policies and traffic rules which can be easily changed and applied to new assets as the organization grows. 

Holistic SaaS Security in One Service

Our unified software-based solution helps IT and Security professionals eliminate the considerable time and cost involved in orchestrating multiple networking and security solutions together.

Global Private Gateways

Spin up servers from global providers and our own self-managed stock anywhere in the world, and get static IPs for easy networking.

Highly Scalable Access

Easily create access and traffic policies that can be applied and prioritized to cover all your users  resources.

Enforced User Security

A multi-layered security toolkit can be deployed to a user level and includes 2FA, DNS filtering, encryption, and more.

Centralized Management

Add team members to your network, create multiple user groups and manage access and more from one unified management portal. 

Monitor and Audit Activity

Audit resource access and network activity with logging and SIEM integrations with Azure Sentinel, Splunk, and Amazon S3.

Cloud Visibility

Easily integrate with all corporate cloud resources and providers, allowing IT to get the full picture across the whole company.

Tech Companies are Adopting SASE

Tech Companies are Adopting SASE

As a Secure Access Service Edge solution, Perimeter 81 is built to enable high performance, unified networking and security for global tech companies with distributed resources and workforces. To see if your security stack is ready for the SASE transformation, dive into our free in-depth guide.

Is your IT team ready to be SASE Superheroes?

Have You Met the SaaS Security Status Quo?

With Perimeter 81, you can easily meet each of these security features while protecting your organization from data exposure.

Protect Data in Transit

Protect data transmission with bank-level 256-bit AES encryption in multiple protocols.

Privilege Separation

Easily implement IdP and different levels of privilege depending on the user or device.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Reduce the attack surface with multiple layers of authentication.

Logging and Event Collection

Easily monitor and audit the network for security-critical events.

Complete Network Visibility

Maintain centralized control and full visibility of users’ access to defined client applications and network resources.

Compliant Operations

Easily meet SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001/2 compliance with encryption, visibility, activity logging, access control and more.

Perimeter 81: Simpler Network Security for SaaS and Technology

Eliminate exorbitant IT costs and inputs, and revolutionize the idea of network access and security for your organization.