Dedicated IP Business VPN: Do You Need It?


Implementing A VPN is only half the journey. After implementation, businesses realize one thing: most VPNs operate a dynamic IP system. Consequently, these businesses have to wrestle with questions such as: how does this fact affect traffic speed? How does a constant change in IP address affect the business’ online interactions with other security-sensitive businesses, not to mention access to business resources?

A dedicated IP business VPN eases this second half of the journey and provides solutions to the problems that one may encounter.

What is a Dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP VPN provides an IP address exclusive to each user. Normally, a VPN sets up a new IP for every session which leaves users vulnerable to being flagged by blacklists and unable to access sensitive services as easily. A dedicated IP VPN can help access sensitive sites and avoid annoying CAPTCHAs.

Why Do You Need a Dedicated IP? 

On the one hand, consumers have a narrow array of use cases which include encrypting data packets and remaining anonymous on the internet. Therefore a shared IP is more suited to them.  

On the other hand, an organization may have much more use cases than a consumer, for which a shared IP may not satisfy sufficiently. It may need a dedicated IP for one of the following reasons.

Faster Connection

A business VPN may become slow sometimes. This slowness results from the routing servers being shared among multiple users and therefore having to handle much traffic volume.

A dedicated IP business VPN is different. With its server dedicated to a single organization, traffic volume is usually lower than with a shared server. Lower traffic volume translates to a much faster connection. 

Secure Access to Online Payments 

Making payments online exposes your business to all kinds of danger, especially when making payments off-premises with an untrusted connection. Threat actors take advantage of such connections to gain access to sensitive data. 

Also, accessing your financial institutions using multiple IPs may raise suspicion and lead to a temporal withdrawal of access to your account.

A dedicated IP business VPN will ensure the safety of your data and, at the same, reassure your financial institution of the authenticity of your identity simply because its IP does not change.

Bypass Blocklists

A shared IP VPN has a downside: you may be penalized for the transgressions of another co-user of the IP address for actions you know nothing about. 

A dedicated IP business VPN protects you from such inconveniences by giving you an exclusive server and an exclusive IP to which all your traffic is routed. 

Uninterrupted Access to Services 

For security reasons, organizations that hold customer or other sensitive data tend to frown on access to accounts on their servers using multiple IP addresses. The usual response to such activity is to flag the account and deny the user access.

With a dedicated IP business VPN, you can access these servers securely without looking suspicious and having your services interrupted.

Protection for IoT Devices 

IoT devices are notoriously easy to co-opt and engage in DDOS attacks or other nefarious purposes. Due to their relatively limited capacities, threat actors can take over office IoT devices like printers and security cameras and command them remotely.  

By allowlisting a dedicated IP on your IoT devices, however, you can ensure that your devices cannot be accessed by anyone else but that IP address.

Flexibility in Switching Between Shared and Dedicated IP 

Using a dedicated IP business VPN does not warrant that you cannot switch back to a shared IP when it suits your purpose. You can implement it as an add-on service that can be added and removed whenever you want. 

Access Business Servers Securely

One of the ways an organization can ensure secure access to its network is by giving access to only a whitelist of verified IPs. With a shared IP VPN, this would mean whitelisting all the IPs associated with the VPN, which is tedious and unsafe.

A dedicated IP business VPN takes away the drudge by assigning a single IP to your organization. Therefore, you only have to whitelist your dedicated IP to give access to your whole workforce.  

Segment Network

If you want to allowlist a select set of gateway IPs that are allowed access to your cloud resource, it is crucial to use a dedicated, and not a shared IP. The users of a shared IP today may not be the same tomorrow, so there’s a significant risk that unauthorized users will gain access to your resources. 

A dedicated IP address from a VPN provider means that only people who have access to that gateway will be able to log in to your cloud resource. 

Fixed IP vs. Dynamic IP: Main Differences

Fixed IP

Dynamic IP
Makes use of a single IP address.Makes use of multiple IP addresses, usually a new IP at the start of a new session.
Uses a dedicated server for a single client.Uses a single server for multiple customers.
The IP address is exclusive to a single organization.Multiple users collectively use IP addresses.

Dedicated IP vs. Shared IP

A Dedicated IP Business VPN Provides Faster Connections Than a Shared IP VPN

A shared IP means a shared server, so all users’ traffic passes through the shared server. The high volume usually results in congestion in the server and, thereby, a slow connection.

On the other hand, a dedicated IP business VPN uses a dedicated server to route a single user’s traffic. This process usually translates to faster connections since the server handles only one user’s traffic.

No ‘Bad Neighbor’ Effect

With a shared IP VPN, when one user breaks a rule using a particular IP address, every other user who is assigned that same IP suffers the consequences. These consequences may range from being restricted from specific resources to being entirely blocklisted on a website.

A dedicated IP means you never have to bear the consequences of another user’s actions because you’re not sharing with another user!

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