Perimeter 81 Receives Frost & Sullivan’s Enabling Technology Award

Driving radical change is never easy. It requires a different mindset and a willingness to look beyond existing solutions to find something truly different. At Perimeter 81, we’re constantly focused on simplifying the management and deployment of network security.

This democratizes advanced, enterprise-grade security tools for everyone. By reducing the amount of work required to manage network security, smaller IT teams are able to achieve a high level of protection faster and with less effort.  

Recently, Frost & Sullivan recognized us for our efforts with the Enabling Technology Leader Award, one of the market analysis firm’s Best Practices Awards. “[Perimeter 81] stands out from competitors based on its commitment to innovation, creativity, and ability to launch new solutions with far-reaching impact and application,” Frost & Sullivan said in its award summary. “The company pairs its technology focus with customer-centric values, thus earning a solid reputation in the network cybersecurity market.”

The network security needs of businesses have seen dramatic upheaval in recent years. The dissolving network perimeter–where most companies kept all their resources in-house on servers they owned–thanks to the digital transformation and shift to the cloud. Then the cloud kicked off a serious discussion that’s still ongoing about how necessary it is to even come into the office anymore when remote work is so easily enabled with modern technologies and tools. 

Whether companies are looking to stay in the office, embrace a hybrid approach, or work remotely long term, Perimeter 81 is there for you. Our Zero Trust Network Access solution provides granular access to company resources, Firewall-as-a-Service protects your cloud resources, while our web filtering and malware protection ensure your people stay safe online. 

This is all backed up by a robust global network of more than 50 PoPs ensuring low latency connectivity from any major business hub across the globe. 

These are key features for any company looking to modernize their network security. As Frost & Sullivan said in its blog post about the award, “CISOs should seek cybersecurity software solutions that have a global presence to bring users and devices closer to the applications and data hosted in different locations and environments for robust data-driven data enterprise processes.”

In addition, our single pane of glass management dashboard allows you to manage your network in one spot with an intuitive easy-to-understand interface. Changes to the system propagate nearly instantaneously and scaling up as needed is simple.

“By providing a consolidated solution, Perimeter 81 offers its customers a hassle free…experience, where they can manage and scale from one unified platform.”

You can read more about Frost & Sullivan’s award here. 

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