What Our Latest G2 Awards Mean for Your Network Security

It’s one thing to make a claim about your product, but it’s quite another to have your customers validate it. That’s why we’re thrilled to win 54 awards based on customer reviews from G2.com for the Fall 2023 season.

Every season G2 announces awards pulled straight from customer ratings on its site, which is home to millions of reviews by actual users covering thousands of business software products from a wide range of industries and use cases.

But why should anyone care about this? Simple. It sends a strong signal to you, our current and future customers, about just what the Perimeter 81 platform can do for you. Let’s dive into a few of our awards to show you what I mean.

Momentum Leader

We’re a momentum leader in the Zero Trust Networking, Software-Defined Perimeter, and Business VPN categories. This means G2 considers the Perimeter 81 platform to be on a high-growth trajectory for these use cases basing the awards on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence. 

We can’t help but wonder if our recent acquisition by Check Point had something to do with this as we’re now part of a rocket ship aimed at delivering the best SASE platform on the market. Expect to see exciting things from Perimeter 81 soon as we integrate with Check Point’s stellar lineup of security products. 

Most Implementable

We won the Most Implementable award for Zero Trust Networking in multiple categories, which means it’s easy to integrate our networking and network security solution into your existing setup. Perimeter 81’s Private Access and Internet Access can integrate with any cloud provider, as well as most on-prem firewalls.

At Perimeter 81 we are focused on taking what is often an overly complex and cumbersome set of tools, and turning them into something that’s easy to use without sacrificing on security or robustness. 

Building on the Most Implementable award we also won out for Fastest Implementation–another core focus of the Perimeter 81 platform–as well as Easiest To Use, Easiest Admin, Best Usability, and Best Results.

Fastest Implementation

Let’s talk about that Fastest Implementation badge, which we won for the Zero Trust Networking and Software-Defined Perimeter categories. 

Here at Perimeter 81 we often talk about how fast you can deploy our solution and that it takes a fraction of the time compared to our competitors. If you’d like to read about a real-world customer using our platform for fast deployment, take a look at the story of an e-commerce company that went from nothing to a fully working solution over a weekend.

Business VPN Leader

In the Business VPN category we won the Leader badge for Small Business, Mid-Market, as well as the EMEA, Europe, and Americas regions. For every Leader badge you have to be rated highly by “G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.”

In other words, to be a Leader, users have to love your product, which is another award we won as part of the Fall 2023 season.

Our convergence of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Firewall-as-a-Service, and Hybrid SWG ensures we tick the right network security boxes for businesses. Our multiple Easiest Admin Awards show that the Perimeter 81 cloud-based management console is an effective tool for managing and monitoring your network. And don’t forget, since we’re cloud-based you don’t have to worry about hardware management and we can scale at the click of a button as your business grows.

The 54 G2 badges we won are not just a testament to the quality of our product but also a validation from the users who have experienced firsthand the benefits of our platform. We’re excited about what we’ve achieved, but we’re just getting started.

Book a demo today to see what Perimeter 81 can do for your networking and network security.

Complete list of Perimeter 81’s G2 Fall 2023 awards:

Award CategoryAward NameMarket
Zero Trust NetworkingMost Implementable
Zero Trust NetworkingMomentum Leader
Zero Trust NetworkingHigh PerformerMid-Market
Zero Trust NetworkingHigh Performer
Zero Trust NetworkingHigh PerformerAmericas
Zero Trust NetworkingHighest User Adoption
Zero Trust NetworkingFastest Implementation
Zero Trust NetworkingEasiest to Use
Zero Trust NetworkingEasiest To Do Business WithMid-Market
Zero Trust NetworkingEasiest Setup
Zero Trust NetworkingEasiest Admin
Zero Trust NetworkingBest Usability
Zero Trust NetworkingBest Support
Zero Trust NetworkingSupportMid-Market
Zero Trust NetworkingBest Results
Zero Trust NetworkingBest Est. ROI
Software-Defined PerimeterUsers Most Likely To Recommend
Software-Defined PerimeterMost Implementable
Software-Defined PerimeterMomentum Leader
Software-Defined PerimeterHigh Performer
Software-Defined PerimeterFastest Implementation
Software-Defined PerimeterEasiest To Do Business With
Software-Defined PerimeterEasiest Setup
Software-Defined PerimeterBest Usability
Software-Defined PerimeterBest Support
Software-Defined PerimeterBest Results
Software-Defined PerimeterBest Relationship
Cloud SecurityHigh Performer
Cloud SecurityHigh PerformerAmericas
Cloud SecurityEasiest Admin
Cloud Edge SecurityHigh Performer
Cloud Edge SecurityEasiest To Do Business With
Cloud Edge SecurityBest Relationship
Business VPNMost ImplementableMid-Market
Business VPNMomentum Leader
Business VPNLeaderSmall Business
Business VPNLeaderMid-Market
Business VPNMid-Market LeaderAmericas
Business VPNLeader
Business VPNLeaderEurope
Business VPNLeaderEMEA
Business VPNLeaderAmericas
Business VPNHighest User AdoptionMid-Market
Business VPNEasiest To UseMid-Market
Business VPNEasiest To Do Business WithSmall Business
Business VPNEasiest To Do Business With
Business VPNEasiest SetupSmall Business
Business VPNEasiest AdminSmall Business
Business VPNEasiest AdminMid-Market
Business VPNEasiest Admin
Business VPNBest Support
Business VPNBest SupportMid-Market
Business VPNBest Est. ROISmall Business
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