How Perimeter 81 Takes the Cybersecurity Burden Off Businesses

Network security is a lot easier to adopt across an organization when it just works. Businesses don’t want IT departments spending excessive amounts of time setting up hardware. Users don’t want continual issues connecting to the network. Problems like these mean your network security doesn’t just work.

At Perimeter 81, we’re all about making the process of managing and connecting to a company network seamless and secure. Our easy-to-use management console, and our even easier-to use desktop agents, have helped thousands of businesses. Often, companies can just create their network in a few clicks, set access rules, distribute the agent to their users, and that’s it.

“[Perimeter 81 is] just really easy to manage and has fantastic support. That’s the beauty of it. Most of the time we don’t have to manage it,” Noah Guttman, the head of DevOps for DataGen, recently told us. 

The reasons for why Perimeter 81 just works are simple.

No Hardware, no Maintenance

Our customers don’t need to worry about installation, updates, or maintenance of their own hardware since everything is cloud based. We remove the need for expensive hardware purchases and reduce the amount of staff hours needed to maintain the network.

It also means you can scale depending on your needs without having to invest in costly hardware upgrades. Plus, there are no upfront costs or long-term contracts required.

Cloud-based Management Console

The core of Perimeter 81’s platform is the cloud-based management console that helps companies streamline networking and network security tasks. We’re focused on making basic tasks such as creating access policies for teams or individuals as easy as possible.

From the console you can create networks, set access policies, web filtering rules, and more. Our logs can also be ingested by your SIEM solution to stay on top of any potential security issues.

Seamless Desktop Agent

Perimeter 81’s ease of use doesn’t stop at the cloud-based console. Our desktop agent is also focused on helping users connect quickly and easily. Once they’ve downloaded the agent and signed in, employees can connect with a single click.

Administrators can also disable sign-out options so that employees are always connected to the network. Additionally, we integrate with most of the popular identity providers allowing for single sign-on to network resources.

Granular, Secure Network Access

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the cornerstone of our platform that ensures granular, secure application access. ZTNA is a combination of a cloud VPN for encrypted access to company resources, along with firewall access rules, and context-based policies.

ZTNA ensures that employees only access the resources they need to do their jobs–no more, no less. In addition, you can set device posture check (DPC) rules that will only grant access to devices that meet the company’s security standards. DPC rules can include the requirement to have a specific antivirus suite running, a minimum operating system version, or a custom security certificate.

ZTNA also means that private data isn’t accessed by unauthorized employees, contractors, or others to help meet compliance requirements. In addition, should a hacker ever gain access to the network, they will not have free access to company resources. Instead, they will only see what the target employee sees. This gives IT teams more time to discover malicious actors on the network, and stops hackers from exploring other parts of the network.

Secure Internet Access

Accessing the web is a necessary part of everyone’s day. But the web brings its own special challenges. Running across malicious content that can lead to infection is the biggest concern. Equally challenging is preventing employees from accessing content that could violate company policies.

That’s where Perimeter 81’s Secure Web Gateway (SWG) comes in. With automatic malware protection companies can be sure their employees are protected. Custom web filtering rules, meanwhile, prevent access to problematic content and known malicious websites. Just like our secure network access features, web filtering rules can be set on a per-user or per-group basis. This grants access only to websites or applications that are necessary for work-related tasks.

Perimeter 81: The Easy Button for Network Security

Network Security doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you need to connect people to AWS, an on-prem server, or control access to specific SaaS applications, Perimeter 81 can help. Our easy to use cloud-based console and desktop agent streamlines network security tasks. Since there’s no hardware to worry about, all maintenance and upgrades are taken care of by our team of experts. 

If that’s still not easy enough for you, Perimeter 81 partners with many managed service providers (MSPs) who can manage the network for you.

Whether you have an in-house IT team or turn to a third-party contractor, Perimeter 81 lightens the load for networking and network security tasks.