A Better VPN Alternative: Perimeter 81

Go beyond legacy VPNs with a more flexible, sophisticated networking and security solution. Perimeter 81 offers superior VPN encryption plus a multitude of modern security and networking features, granting your IT team total visibility and control.

Upgrade Security with a VPN Alternative

Reinforce traffic encryption with granular user-centric access policies, network segmentation, and a fully-integrated security toolset – all through a single cloud platform.

Without Perimeter 81

Legacy VPNs aren’t suited to remote work, the cloud or BYOD, and increase the attack surface while burdening your IT team.

With Perimeter 81

Total traffic encryption with multiple VPN protocols, plus network segmentation and access customization for agile security.

Why Embrace a VPN Alternative?

Legacy VPNs often require hardware and immense manual configuration, and even then do not provide visibility, control, or threat inspection – which are necessary to secure a network. Our VPN alternative addresses these ideas by unifying encryption and other security tools with easy networking.

With network segmentation, enforcement of security and the creation of custom access rules for users and groups, Perimeter 81 enables:

Limitless Visibility

 Integrate Identity Providers across local and cloud resources, segment networks and view and control traffic.

Zero Trust Access

Automate least-privilege access rules via granular identifiers like role, device, location and more.

Many VPN Options

Enforce the use of encryption with multiple protocols including IKE2, WireGuard, and many others.

Not Just a VPN Alternative: Perimeter 81 Unified Network Security

Apart from providing always-on VPN privacy for all network traffic, your IT team will be able to better integrate cloud resources, manage access, and enforce security.

Network Segmentation

Identify and differentiate between resources that have varying degrees of sensitivity. Access to the most sensitive resources is restricted to relevant users, based on identifiers picked up by the system upon login.

VPN Encrypt All Traffic

Encrypt all transmitted data with AES 256-bit bank-level encryption in multiple protocols. Mandate that users connect only when encrypted with our Automatic Wi-Fi Security and limit mishaps with VPN Kill Switch.

SIEM Log Integration

Stay alert for security events occurring across your network with detailed logs of all activity, which can also be sent to various advanced SIEM platforms like Amazon S3, Splunk, and Azure Sentinel.

Cloud Integrated

Quickly connect to your local (like on-site storage) and cloud-based resources (such as Salesforce, AWS and more), offering IT teams total visibility from one centralized web panel.

Enable Remote Work

Support and protect all endpoints. Whether BYOD devices, remote workers, or traveling employees, Perimeter 81 allows limitless remote connections to your network in a scalable way.

Central Management

Centrally managed security means one panel where IT can connect network infrastructure, deploy regional gateways, view endpoints and users, and create and manage access policies.

Replace Your Legacy VPN with a VPN Alternative

Sophisticated security is easier to consume than ever before, and simpler than VPNs used to be. Get a quick win for your IT team today, with Perimeter 81.