Combat Ransomware with Zero Trust

Every 11 seconds a new ransomware attack will take place. Don’t be next. Secure your data with Perimeter 81’s Zero Trust approach. 

Not Just Secured. Zero Trust Secured.

Not Just Secured. Zero Trust Secured.

Ransomware is big business. As of 2022, the average cost of a ransomware attack is $1.85 million. Even worse, only 8% of businesses that paid a ransom got all of their data back. Can you afford to take that risk? But what happens when traditional security measures just aren’t good enough anymore? Enter Zero Trust. 

Perimeter 81 stands behind the Zero Trust principle of “never trust, always verify.” Protect your data and critical resources from major ransomware attacks with Perimeter 81’s ZTNA solution. Learn how Zero Trust can fit into your organization.

Ransomware Attacks On The Rise Post Pandemic

Ransomware attacks have increased by a whopping 500% since the pandemic started. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of COVID-19 and it’s costing businesses like yours a lot of money. Don’t become the next target of a ransomware attack. 

Recognized as a Forrester New Wave Leader in ZTNA, Perimeter 81 helps protect organizations from data breaches and other malicious attacks.   

Perimeter 81’s ZTNA Prevents Ransomware Attacks Through 

Customized Access Policies

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

End-to-End Traffic Encryption

Held for Ransom: The Numbers Behind Ransomware Attacks


The cost of an average ransomware attack


Until the next ransomware attack


Of all ransomware attacks are successful


The average length of downtime a company experiences after a ransomware attack is 22 days.

Perimeter 81 Zero Trust Customer Success Spotlight: Meredith Sleep Centre

Perimeter 81 Zero Trust Customer Success Spotlight: Meredith Sleep Centre

Learn how the Australian sleep disorder clinic saved over $6,000 AUD per year and stopped ransomware attacks altogether with Perimeter 81’s ZTAA solution.  

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