Cloud and On-Premise Network Access. Redefined.

Say Goodbye to the Legacy VPN

With our Software-Defined Perimeter architecture and comprehensive management platform, gateways can be automatically deployed in any location, enabling simplified network security and easy IT management.

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Control Channel

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Unify Your Network Management

Deploy unified gateways to your organization’s cloud storage, SaaS applications, and on-premise applications, all in one platform. Perimeter 81’s best-of-breed software delivers secure policy-based access to any resource, from any location.


Build and Bolster Your Network In a Matter of Minutes

Highly Scalable Security

With our hardware-free framework and flexible microservices platform, you can scale your network with ease and rapidly adjust for new users, groups and network locations.

Granular Network Visibility

Unlike traditional legacy VPN services, we provide in-depth, granular insights with monitoring, anomaly detection, auditing and activity logs, made available through full API integration.


Automatic Wi-Fi Protection

Proactively protect your mobile workforce. Our patented Automatic Wi-Fi Security secures an employee’s Internet connection the second they connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

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Precise Segmentation

Our technology integrates with a number of Identity Providers, including Active Directory and SAML services, like Okta, to provide seamless segmentation at the user and group level.

The Power of the Cloud

Discover the unique benefits of our innovative, hardware-free service.

Reduced Latency

Deploy SDP endpoints in any physical or virtual location to keep employees close to your network and guarantee optimal transfer speeds.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Say goodbye to restrictive bandwidth limits with a scale-as-you-go network and flexible SDP instance deployment.

Consistent Reliability

Instantly implement new product updates and upgrades without any time-consuming hardware changes.

Exceptional Stability

Enjoy superior levels of stability with a highly available server network and fully load balanced configuration.

Enterprise Software-Defined Perimeter Components

Fast, intuitive and effective technology for complete network security.

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Lightweight Cross-Platform Clients

  • Provide immediate access to specific resource locations
  • Encrypt all device traffic
  • Automatically protect against Wi-Fi security threats

Full Security. Zero-Trust.

With the rise of the mobile workforce and cloud transformation, the traditional network we once knew can no longer be trusted. That’s why Perimeter 81 is centered on the zero-trust security model. Our Software-Defined Perimeter completely hides critical resources from bad actors while only granting access based on multiple layers of user permissions.

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