Addressing CIS Controls with Perimeter 81

CIS Controls with
Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81’s converged network security platform can help you satisfy dozens of CIS Controls and Safeguards. 

Why CIS Controls are Important

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls are designed to provide pragmatic, actionable recommendations for improving an organization’s cybersecurity preparedness.

Each of the 18 Controls contains several Safeguards, and CIS provides additional guidance about prioritizing the implementation of specific Safeguards based on an organization’s level of risk tolerance and available resources.

How Organizations Use Perimeter 81 to Address CIS Controls

Network Security

Perimeter 81 provides a robust networking and security platform that enables stronger adherence to the CIS Controls.

Broad Coverage

The Perimeter 81 platform satisfies dozens of Safeguards – in full or partially – across 11 of the 18 Controls.

Beyond CIS Controls

Beyond CIS Controls

Wide Applicability

Many security and compliance frameworks overlap with common principles of the CIS Controls, such as access controls, malware defense, logging, and more. See the CIS Critical Security Controls Navigator site for mappings of the 18 Controls to all major frameworks and standards.

Strategic Security Controls

By consolidating security capabilities traditionally found in multiple products, the Perimeter 81 platform is a strategic solution that can help you build a secure network while addressing numerous security controls, whichever framework(s) you adhere to.

Get Started with Perimeter 81

At Perimeter 81, you can count on us to provide the security necessary to protect even your most sensitive data. By exceeding global standards and achieving certifications, we’re constantly working to earn your trust.