Keep your cloud safe with Zero Trust Application Access

Prevent security gaps by enforcing encryption and secure identity-based access to apps via HTTP, RDP, and SSH.

Keep your cloud safe with Zero Trust Application Access

Reduce your corporate attack surface with ZTAA

Unrestricted network access for employees makes a hacker’s job easy. VPNs may help by providing private network access, but they can’t segment resources or differentiate permissions, leaving networks vulnerable. With Zero Trust Application Access, IT can enforce encryption for access and manage identity-based policies to resources.


Choose from major encryption protocols to cover all resources and network layers.


Identity providers recognize users, devices, and locations and apply the relevant policy.


Define which resources are accessible to which users, cloud or on-prem.


Agentless user access, who instead connect to the network through their browser.

Encrypted access for all layers, ports and protocols

Encrypted access for all layers, ports and protocols

Employees connect to various critical corporate resources from many devices, locations, and unfamiliar Wi-Fi networks. Protect your network and resources by using the encryption protocol that fits your environments perfectly, including IPSec, SSL, OpenVPN, and WireGuard.

Automated user recognition and policy enforcement with IdP

Automated user recognition and policy enforcement with IdP

To reduce the attack surface, security tools must first recognize which users to apply relevant permissions to. Enforce authentication via supported identity providers such as Google and OKTA, providing a basis for tailored access to network segments.

Isolate and protect the most critical corporate apps

Isolate and protect the most critical corporate apps

Your company has critical or dedicated apps and services that most employees don’t need access to. Gain the ability to differentiate between specific parts of the network and put up barriers to specific users based on their roles, devices, locations and other granular identifiers.

Adopt agility and edge security for your network

Adopt agility and edge security for your network

The network perimeter has evolved, and employees and resources are now remote. Put private network gateways near your remote employees, anywhere in the world, to reduce latency and increase the speed and productivity of distributed workforces.

Zero Trust access is secure access

ZTAA ensures that when it comes to access, not all users and devices are created equal.

Fully Monitored

Secure applications by auditing, logging and monitoring each session and all traffic, regardless of ports and protocols, encryption or hopping. This is a central tenet of Zero Trust and ensures the effectiveness of security policies.

Least-Privilege Access

With user authentication needs met via identity providers, your IT team can create custom resource access and traffic policies based on the devices, locations, and roles of users — not just their credentials. Use tailored policies to ensure that employees have access only to the apps and resources they need.

Multi-Layered Security

Comprehensive protection from all angles and against all attack vectors, both known and unknown, is required to truly achieve cloud security confidence. Along with access management, ZTAA includes 2FA, DNS filtering and more to ensure that your networks and resources are protected from a wide range of attacks and vulnerabilities.

Total Cloud Integration

Our API enables easy integration with major cloud providers such as Google, Azure, AWS, Salesforce and countless more, ensuring your organization has a comprehensive security posture for all resources both on- and off-prem.

Why IT teams choose ZTAA

With Zero Trust Application Access, organizations can enjoy high confidence in their network security without the expensive orchestration or hardware required by legacy solutions.

Reduce TCO

Enable security professionals to get insights into network activity, the effectiveness of access policies and potential threats with a security product that is integrated with major SIEM providers and logs all network activity for easy auditing and proven compliance.

Increase Visibility

Gain effortless visibility across critical corporate resources from one administration panel. Monitor traffic across resources and be sure of your company’s security posture and compliance status.

Increase Security

When IT has less tools to work with but more functionality, they can better avoid human error while maintaining holistic auditing and control. Equip your IT team with a full array of their most crucial networking and security features.

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