Perimeter 81 Surpasses 1,000 Customer Milestone

We are excited to announce that we have surpassed a long-anticipated milestone: There are now 1,000 customers using Perimeter 81 to secure their networks. Our company has witnessed tremendous 500% year-over-year growth and tripling the customer base in less than one year. 

Customers have expressed that they appreciate our service for its intuitiveness, ease of deployment and high scalability. We truly see our customers as partners in building our product, and we believe this has been our real growth engine. 

When we launched our Secure Network as a Service in 2018, the majority of our initial customer base was tech and SaaS companies. Early adopters of cloud and mobile, tech organizations were onboard with our innovative solution from the start. As the shift to cloud VPN solutions and remote work became more widespread across all industries, even before COVID-19, we were able to roll out our platform to relevant sectors and fields. 

Now, we serve customers in a range of industries with our clientele comprising 38% tech companies, 10% healthcare, 9% in the finance sector, 6% consulting services, and the remainder in retail, media, education, government and more.

With remote work as the new normal and our collective status quo for the near future, more businesses have realized the continuity plans they have in place aren’t equipped to safeguard against new and evolving security risks for remote workers, or resilient enough to sustain operations through another potential outbreak. We’ve come prepared with a solution that will drive us moving forward.

Gaining Momentum Towards SASE

The typical organization’s network is more complicated than ever, and traffic through these networks is increasingly convoluted, with data flowing between local resources, cloud applications, and mobile devices in rapid succession. As resources are now more present in the cloud than on-premises, IT teams have enlisted a bevy of tools to regain the network visibility they need to ensure security. These are numerous, and while they may be able to together provide visibility, orchestrating and managing them is difficult and unwieldy. 

Accordingly, for the past year we have been working tirelessly to build out a holistic SASE solution. SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a new converged solution for network and security services. While the term was only recently introduced and coined by Gartner in August 2019, Perimeter 81 is already considered by industry participants to be winning the “SASE space race”. 

SASE enables IT security solutions to provide a more holistic and agile service for business networking and security. By offering a unified security solution, we are simplifying the consumption of network security for organizations of all industries and sizes – and this is shown through our expanding customer base.

Looking to the Future

While COVID-19 will not last forever, the technologies adopted during the pandemic will continue to be used far into the future. Many businesses that previously did not have the option for employees to work remotely or from home can now allow their workforce to remain remote if they choose, as employees can securely connect to the organization’s resources through Perimeter 81. We are proud to help businesses continue functioning productively and securely through these times and into the future. 

It is time to look past the legacy hardware solutions and look into the future with a more secure and modern approach to network security. Organizations are relying on Perimeter 81 to continue working securely from home, with our cost-effective, cloud-based, highly-scalable solution. We are helping organizations of all sizes and in many industries work through these trying times and continue to use our services well into the future and we are grateful to our 1000+ happy customers who are along for the ride. 

Looking forward to celebrating many more milestones together,

Amit and Sagi

Perimeter 81 Co-founders