Top 10 Security Experts You Should be Following in 2020

Data breaches and cybersecurity attacks tend to dominate the global headlines with the prominent details of the attack or hack. However, when looking for the bolts and nuts of a security breach, you need to know where and whom should you go for answers. 

Twitter and different security blogs are the most popular places to gain more insights and expertise from different security experts. These ever-changing platforms provide any user or person to engage and learn from the best minds in the security industry. You have the chance to communicate and interact with experts that you normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to by reaching out, commenting or tagging them in their tweets or comment section of their blog post.

While the common internet user will go to Twitter to see what their favorite athlete or musician is commenting or discussing on, the network security community uses the platform to provide another angle on different attacks or the direction of the industry. 

So before you go follow everyone who says they are the “must follow” security expert, you need to ask yourself who you should be following. We recommend that you check their expertise in security, whether they are active, and finally, what do they actually tweet or blog about. Once you know who to follow or subscribe to, we recommend creating Twitter lists or feeds per category of the expert. This will be key to simplifying the different numerous network security expert opinions that matter most to you.

We have assembled the best network security experts you should be following in 2020 and forward. Don’t have time to follow them all? Follow our list here

Brian Krebs (@briankrebs)
Brian Krebs is the most well-known cybersecurity expert in security. He is an independent investigative security journalist who spends his days investigating and reporting the latest hacks and breaches. Krebs started his career as a reporter for The Washington Post but only started to write about cybersecurity after his entire home network was taken over by a Chinese hacking group. His security blog mainly focuses on all things considered computer security and cybercrime. Brian tweets on a daily basis about security vulnerabilities and current InfoSec issues.

Graham Cluley (@gcluley)
Graham Cluley is one of the most active security bloggers, researchers, podcasters, and public speakers. Since the early ’90s, Cluley has been fighting to make the internet a safer place with his endless investigations and blogging about different hacks and breaches. Graham’s blog and daily tweets cover the latest security news, malware, breaches and cyberattacks.

Troy Hunt (@troyhunt)
Troy Hunt is one of the best experts when it comes to data breaches and security practices. Currently Troy is the  Microsoft Regional Director, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Developer Security and an international speaker on web security. He also runs the site Have I been pwned?, a free tool that aggregates every public data breach and instantly lets people know if their email account has been compromised in a breach. He tweets and blogs about network attacks and app security on a daily basis.

Bruce Schneier (@schneierblog)
Bruce Schneier is an internationally known privacy specialist and cybersecurity writer who famously was named the “Security Guru” by The Economist. Over the years, he has shared his cybersecurity experience and in-depth knowledge as an author of over 13 books. On his website Schneier on Security”, he regularly writes about the top security issues that we as internet users are facing. While he has an active Twitter account, it’s best to bookmark his security blog as that’s where he goes into the small details.   

The Grugq (@thegrugq)
While The Grugq doesn’t share his real identity, he is one of the most popular and well respected independent information security consultants and anti-forensic researcher. His detailed blogs on Medium are insightful and must-reads after a hack has become public. His Twitter account provides a sharp and witty commentary for pointing out the absurd and real concerns in the security space

Richard Stiennon (@stiennon
Richard Stiennon is an industry analyst who not only covers the IT security space but has spent a lot of time investigating the technology research business. Richard authored the book “There Will Be Cyberwar”, a book about the U.S. military’s shift to network-centric warfare and what that portends for cyberwar. He was named one of the “50 Most Powerful People in Networking” by Network World Magazine. His twitter account is filled with his interviews and articles on different topics within cybersecurity. 

Shira Rubinoff (@shirastweet)
Shira Rubinoff is one of the most recognized and popular female cybersecurity experts who leads multiple women-in-technology efforts. Additionally, she is one of the leading experts when it comes to the human factors of information technology and security. She lectures and publishes on a  regular basis on different topics that relate to cybersecurity and psychology. She tweets daily about all things considered security and how the human factor plays into cybersecurity.

Zack Whittaker (@zackwhittaker)
Zack Whittaker is the lead security editor for TechCrunch. He has been a security journalist for over 10 years writing for ZDNet, CNET and CBS News. Additionally, his articles have been featured in Time, WIRED, Fortune and other online outlets. He is constantly tweeting about news stories on security, legal, privacy, cybersecurity, national security, government and technology. He also produces a cybersecurity newsletter where he summarizes the previous week’s news.

InfoSec Taylor Swift (@SwiftOnSecurity)
Swift On Security is a parody account that was originally created to discuss with the Twittersphere about the famous HeartBleed bug, but currently, it has grown to Twitter famous in the security industry. For those who like their security with the right amount of mockery and passion, this is a must-follow.

Daniel Miessler (@DanielMiessler)
Daniel Miessler is one of the most veteran security bloggers in the industry. He has shared his thoughts on the interactions between technology and society since 1999 and his current focus is on the security of networks, web applications, mobile, and IoT systems. His Twitter account is a great place to find out what’s happening with all aspects of cybersecurity that you rarely will find elsewhere. Every week he puts an email newsletter about all the interest security news over the past week, you can subscribe here.

We’ve highlighted just a few of the best security experts in the industry that will help you stay connected with everything security-related. Of course, we have to mention that you can always stay updated with all our news and content by following @Perimeter_81 on Twitter.