Why Replace Your VPN With Zero Trust Network Access

Replace VPN with ZTNA

As hybrid work becomes the new normal, companies are looking for innovative ways to provide secure remote access to employees in and out of the office. The legacy VPNs of the past don’t answer today’s need for secure remote access, leaving organizations vulnerable to security breaches and increasing the chances of cyber attacks across their networks.

Cue the magic of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Companies are turning to a Zero Trust security model, in which access to on-prem and cloud resources is carefully segmented and monitored, allowing only employees you trust to access company assets. By implementing the Zero Trust, “never trust, always verify” approach, companies can significantly decrease the attack surface and protect their valuable resources.

ZTNA is a combination of security tools that identify, authenticate and verify each company user, making sure they have the proper identification and credentials to access company addresses and services.
ZTNA includes features such as Firewall as a Service, two-factor authentication and network segmentation to fully control user activity in and out of the network. 

Why Make the Switch the Zero Trust

1. Out with the old VPN, in with the new ZTNA 

Cyber criminals have updated their technology, why shouldn’t you? Online attacks are ever-increasing as hackers become more sophisticated – one small error or vulnerability can leave your entire company’s data in jeopardy. 

Legacy VPNs don’t segment user access, so if a sneaky hacker makes their way into your network, they have access to any and all company resources. With ZTNA, ransomware attacks, phishing and human errors can only take an attacker so far, since each user is limited to a set of essential network resources.

2. Full network monitoring and visibility  

With proper network monitoring and management, you can be sure to catch any suspicious activity right as it happens. ZTNA solutions offer monitoring reports and full user activity breakdowns so that you effectively identify potential threats and remove problematic users. 

A legacy VPN simply doesn’t provide the depth and detail to effectively track and manage your network. ZTNA goes beyond simple user statistics and reports on all network activity such as users’ connected region, gateways, network, log in time and much more.

3. Reducing the attack surface 

With Zero Trust, you can easily segment user access, so each user can access only specific company resources without being exposed to the network at large. In the event of a cyber attack, a hacker can only access the limited resources open to one specific user, significantly reducing the attack surface and curbing the damage of a data breach. 

4. ZTNA for the hybrid workspace 

ZTNA is a solution made for the hybrid work environment.  A traditional VPN doesn’t deliver the high-speed access needed for organizations working on-prem and in the cloud. As more employees work from home, connecting across different gateways and accessing cloud resources requires the proper bandwidth and cloud infrastructure needed to support high volumes of remote workers. 

With ZTNA, high-speed encrypted tunnels stream user traffic to cloud resources with minimal latency, ensuring fast and secure connectivity for your entire team. 

5. Made to scale 

With ZTNA, you can truly scale beyond limits. Forget physical hardware configuration and maintenance – ZTNA lets you manage all your network resources from one seamless cloud platform. Add users, create networks and grant third-party contractors access with just a few clicks. It’s the holistic solution you need for your growing organization.

Making Remote Access Safe Again

It’s time to drop your legacy VPN for an advanced ZTNA solution. ZTNA guarantees safer remote work, better network management, and more protection from online threats. Join thousands of companies in protecting their on-prem and cloud resources with the Zero Trust approach today!