Leading HR Consultant Scales Remote Workforce by 3000% Overnight

Leading HR company successfully goes remote overnight with Perimeter 81’s scalable secure remote access solution

Perimeter 81’s easy-to-manage solution helped us stay productive and switch to working remotely overnight during COVID-19. The instant onboarding and easy scalability of the solution played a huge factor in our ability to quickly support our remote workforce.
Lead IT Manager

The Company

A U.S. based HR consulting service who is a leader in the payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing industry. They provide business with a one-stop-shop for managing HR and employee benefits.

Austin, Texas
Customer since:

Solution Highlights

Rapidly scale their network security in a matter of days
Implement over 200 web applications to their remote workforce securely overnight 
Increase the size of its remote workforce by 3000%

The Challenge

The company’s workforce spans the United States and its need for secure network access for employees became a top priority for the organization. 

“In the past, we used a Business VPN for our small number of remote workers but once all employees were forced to work remotely, we needed a faster and more secure remote network access solution.”

The one-time backup plan quickly became the only plan. When shopping for a secure remote access solution, the company’s IT team realized it needed to find a centralized solution that could secure hundreds of applications – mainly RDP and based on different protocols. 

“Other than secure network access we needed application access. We build all our web applications internally and needed a solution where we could easily manage our employees’ access to our applications who are developing these applications.” 

Why Perimeter 81

As an outsourced HR consultant provider that builds custom web application solutions, the company’s management rightfully took the position that protecting their customers’ private information was just as important as good service. To reach this goal, they decided to implement Perimeter 81’s Secure NaaS platform to provide simple and secure network and application access.

 “When we were looking for the right solution for secure network access, we needed a platform that was affordable and simple to manage and we found that with Perimeter 81.”

Perimeter 81’s scalability played a key factor in how easy it was for the company to secure its network in as little time as possible; “With the help of Perimeter 81’s platform, overnight we were able to add more than 200 new users to the platform and provide secure policy-based access to our entire workforce, no matter where they were at the time.”

When deciding which platform to go with for secure access, the need for seamless RDP application access played a role in their reasoning to go with Perimeter 81. “By adopting Perimeter 81’s RDP solution, our remote developers can now easily and more securely access the different web applications they need to do their job on a daily basis.” 

The results:

Improved and Secure Application Productivity

As early adopters of Perimeter 81’s Zero Trust Application Access solution, the company is seeing great results as they have uploaded and are using over 200 applications on a daily basis inside the Perimeter 81 platform. “By applying our user connection identification rules and policies with continuous protection to our RDP applications, we have seamlessly implemented applications to our remote workforce who have stayed productive and secure while working smoothly from home.” 

Smooth & Rapid Scaling Overnight  

With remote work as the new reality, the company has increased the size of its remote workforce by 3000%. “Working with Perimeter 81 has allowed us to rapidly scale our security at an unprecedented level in a matter of days.” Since the onset of COVID-19, the company grew their account by 800% and added hundreds of secure remote access connections, enabling all their employees to continue working without disruption, and to do so safely and securely.

Helping Hand In Remote Success 

Due to the all hands on Perimeter 81 support team around the clock and the new features added every month, the company is thrilled to be using the Perimeter 81 solution on a daily basis. “Perimeter 81 has played a major role in our recent success to continuously offer our HR, payroll and payroll admin services across the US and have all employees working securely remotely. We are excited to be a happy Perimeter 81 customer now and moving forward.”   

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