The Open Internet. Closed to Threats.

Protect your users and network from Internet-borne threats with Perimeter’s 81 Malware Protection.

Protect your users and network from Internet-borne threats with Perimeter’s 81 Malware Protection.

Boost Web Security

Let your people use the web freely without encountering threats that endanger data and network security.


Scan all web traffic and block malicious content.


Monitor your network’s security status from a single pane of glass.


Plan your response with informative malware detection reports.


Malware Protection requires no configuration and covers all users.

Stopped at Delivery

Prevent malware from infecting your network at the delivery stage by intercepting malicious files in transit from their source to the target device’s web browser.

Comprehensive Protection

Block malware including Trojans, ransomware, spyware, rootkits, worms, and zero-day exploits. All are extremely harmful, can wreak havoc, and damage your network.

Multi-Layered Detection


Comprehensive and continuously updated database of malware signatures for up-to-date protection.


Virtual code processing to detect malicious behavior.


Algorithmic analysis to discover patterns and behaviors of hidden or unknown malware.

Machine Learning

Advanced machine learning accelerates detection, and offers protection from complex threats including APTs, zero-day attacks, and ransomware.

Keep Track

Malware Protection offers complete logging capabilities allowing administrators to easily track employee exposure to malicious content with details on the malware type, name, and file details.

Keep Informed

All malware scanning and detection is performed with no required interaction from the user. When malicious content is detected, users are informed via a “malware blocked” message in their web browser.

Secure Internet Users

Everyone is doing business on the web, including bad actors. Prevent identity theft, ransomware, data exfiltration, and more with Perimeter 81’s Malware Protection.

Constant Watch

Constant Watch

Perimeter 81’s Malware Protection works even when a device isn’t connected to the company network.

Continuous Updates

Continuous Updates

Perimeter 81’s Malware Protection receives constant database updates to maintain the highest level of detection capabilities.

Protect Downloads and More

Protect Downloads and More

Malware isn’t just hidden in spreadsheets and PDF documents. Websites and advertising can contain threats too. Malware Protection analyzes HTTP- and HTTPS-based traffic for malware regardless of the content type.

Additional Protection

Additional Protection

Malware Protection works in tandem with Secure Web Gateway Web Filtering to ensure your users are safe online

Block Malware Before It Arrives

Block Malware Before
It Arrives

Perimeter 81’s Malware Protection intercepts malicious scripts, malvertising, ransomware, Trojans, and more before it can execute on user devices.

Catch Variants

Guards against polymorphic attacks so self-modifying malware doesn’t gain a foothold
in your network.

Full Page Scans

Scans web files including HTML, JavaScript, CSS files, and third-party ads.

Webmail Protection

Scan web-based email, such as Gmail, and block potentially harmful attachments.

Of Companies

Affected by Ransomware.

Malicious Programs

Every single year the Internet is awash in new malicious software.

Spreads Via Browser

The primary delivery method for malware is through the web browser.


That’s how frequently ransomware attacks businesses.

It was so simple and straightforward that initial setup took maybe 10 minutes, and we were able to scale the Perimeter 81 solution company-wide in under one day. The Azure Single Sign-On feature has simplified the login process, and the Perimeter 81 integration to Azure Sentinel appealed to our security-minded colleagues.
Alex McClune
Director of IT

Certified SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, CCPA and ISO 27001 Compliant

We adhere to the highest standards of software security
compliance, so you can rest assured that your organization’s
data remains fully protected.

Malware Protection FAQ

Why does my company need Malware Protection?
Malware Protection ensures employees aren’t ambushed online by monitoring for potential attacks. The web offers a unique challenge for company security as it provides a vital source of resources and information that employees need. At the same time it presents multiple vectors for malicious activity such as ad-based malware, cryptomining, ransomware, phishing, and more. 

Perimeter 81’s Malware Protection serves as an additional layer of defense on top of your existing endpoint protection. Multiple checks for malware means threat actors don’t have a chance to disrupt your company’s productivity.
How does Malware Protection work?
Malware Protection runs seamlessly in the background even when users are disconnected from the corporate network. The feature scans web traffic and files for malicious content. Dangerous sites or files are blocked, and the end-user will see a message notifying them of the blocked page or download.
What kind of files are scanned?
Malware Protection provides comprehensive file scanning for HTTP- and HTTPS-based traffic including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, as well as user-initiated downloads.
How does the malware protection engine stay current?
Perimeter 81 uses one of the most advanced antimalware engines available on the market today. Its databases are frequently updated and detection capabilities are upgraded on a continual basis to ensure optimal, up-to-date protection. 
What other security components fight against malicious activity?
Perimeter 81’s platform is a comprehensive, converged network and networking security solution. In addition to Malware Protection, our hybrid Secure Web Gateway provides URL-based and DNS-based filtering, Zero Trust Network Access ensures that only authorized people gain access to on-prem and cloud resources, and Firewall-as-a-Service limits who can connect to company resources.
Can my employees turn off Malware Protection?
No. Malware Protection is managed from the cloud dashboard and its controls are inaccessible by the user. As long as devices are signed-in to the desktop agent Malware Protection goes to work even when they aren’t connected to a company network.
Can I prevent my employees from signing out of the desktop agent?
Yes. We can remove the sign-out option from the desktop agent entirely. When this feature is enabled, signing out requires administrator permissions.

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