SASE Is a Movement – Not a Fad

January 27, 2022

46 Minutes


The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic not only reshaped daily life but also the IT landscape. The pandemic accelerated the shift towards an Internet-based application infrastructure and drove many employees to work remotely, which together introduced a new need for cloud-friendly cybersecurity and network services.  The industry has responded by focusing on the development of cloud-based platforms that aim to deliver unified security and networking services and are the start to a new class of solutions called SASE – Secure Access Service Edge. 

This unified approach to provide network and security tools arrived at the most opportune moment. The world’s businesses and organizations needed to secure networks, private data, and remote employees quickly and without disrupting the bottom line. 

SASE is still in its infancy stage and has room to mature and grow, but the benefits being provided are already clear. Today,  it is clear that SASE is more than a hyped-up fad, it is a movement towards a greater future of democratized network security for all businesses, organizations, and industries. 

In this webinar, Amit Bareket, CEO and Co-Founder of Perimeter 81, and Mauricio Sanchez, Research Director at Dell’Oro Group, join forces to share insightful research, analysis, and predictions for the future of the SASE, and why organizations need to consider SASE today for a safer tomorrow.


Amit Bareket

CEO and Co-Founder, Perimeter 81

Mauricio Sanchez

Research Director, Dell’Oro Group

Michael Soussan

Moderator, Perimeter 81