Zero Trust Myths: Fact or Fiction?

What the myths get right and wrong about Zero Trust

September 12, 2022

 58 Minutes


One of the biggest topics of discussion in corporate cybersecurity is Zero Trust. As a result there are many myths surrounding this important security strategy. 

Join Perimeter 81’s VP Product Tal Laufer and noted guest speaker, security expert Tyler Cohen Wood as they discuss the common myths and beliefs of Zero Trust security. 

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how Zero Trust can help your organization’s network security
  • Understand how Zero Trust solves challenges of modern security deployment
  • Discover just how new (or not) the Zero Trust concept is
  • Determine the difference between Zero Trust and legacy business VPNs


Tal Laufer

VP Product, Perimeter 81

Tyler Cohen Wood

Co-Founder, Dark Cryptonite