Perimeter 81 Platform Release: Introducing Our Network Building Capabilities

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new and powerful network building capabilities which now allow you, our valued customers, to create fully flexible, customized networks that are multi-regional, interconnected to your environments and optimized for speed.
Perimeter 81’s new network building capabilities enable you to model your entire network using several advanced security features. Our new and easy-to-use UI helps you create, manage and secure multi-regional custom networks that are interconnected to your cloud and on-premise environments.

New Network Building Capabilities

Perimeter 81’s new Network Capabilities allow you to automatically create fully customized networks.
The new and innovative platform UI includes:

  • Multi-Regional Support: Now you can have private gateways in different locations to ensure your network can best serve international branches and employees with reduced latency and optimal speed. Since our applications are optimized for performance, employees will automatically connect to the nearest private gateway.
  • Split Tunneling: Control whether you tunnel all your network traffic, or specific subnets, from the client applications to Perimeter 81’s Secure Network as a Service. You can choose to add a Perimeter 81 Connector to interconnect your cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and on-premise environments, or use an IPsec Site-to-Site Tunnel to create a secure communication link between two different networks located at different sites.
  • Custom DNS: Now you can opt-in to use a Custom DNS will allow you to utilize your organization’s DNS servers, as well as local domain names. You can choose to either obtain a DNS server address automatically, or select a primary and secondary DNS address manually.

Network Innovation

Businesses across a wide variety of industries are in need of simpler, more reliable network security. By delivering a single-click service that eliminates much of the hassle and headache of the past, our users are able to deploy, manage, and visualize network connections using only software. This enables the integration of powerful APIs, as well as the ability to analyze and visualize network traffic.
With Perimeter 81, you get the full package. More than just an OpenVPN alternative, along with our new networking building capabilities, our platform continues to provide:

  • Sleek, User-Friendly UI: With our improved UX and UI, compatible for web and mobile devices, it’s now easier than ever before to deploy, manage and secure your organization’s network.
  • Single Sign-On Integration: Our customers can enforce secure policy-based access with total ease. Perimeter 81 offers integration with several leading Identity Providers including G Suite/ Google Cloud, Okta, Microsoft Azure AD and Active Directory/LDAP.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Add an extra layer of security and prevent remote attacks with SMS notifications, Google Authenticator and Duo Security authentication. We know this feature will be highly valuable for all businesses, and particularly those that need to adhere to strict industry regulations, like HIPAA compliance standards.
  • Advanced Activity Monitoring: With the management platform, you can gain even more insight into your network’s health, activity and security. Our platform includes a wide range of activity types including visibility into group and server creation, team member authentication, password changes and more.
  • Automatic Wi-Fi Security: Immediately protect your traveling employees from Wi-Fi hotspot threats with an encrypted connection that activates the moment your employees connect to an unsecured network.
  • Cross Platform: Easy-to-use cross-platform applications available for all your employees’ corporate and BYOD devices.
  • Private Servers: Private servers with dedicated IPs so you can skip manual IP whitelisting and lock down secure resources to protected IPs.
  • DNS FilteringProtect your employees from insidious websites instantly and easily.

Have any product questions or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].
If you don’t currently have an account and would like to experience a full tour of our platform, be sure to request a complimentary demo.
We hope you enjoy all the new networking features and benefit from a faster, simpler, and more seamless way to build and manage your network!